Times to Treasure – Week 6

This weekend has been quite a quiet one – we’ve spent it doing lots of boring life admin.  Unfortunately this hasn’t been a whole lot of fun for Alfie!  But sometimes you’ve just got stuff to do.

We were lucky that my mum had Alfie for us for a few hours on Saturday morning so we could sort our loft out.  I wanted to have a big clear out as we are constantly putting clothes and toys up there that Alfie has outgrown. We’re quickly running out of space up there! So we got rid of a lot of crap we didn’t need or use, and I feel better knowing we’ve cleaned up!

Alfie and Betty

Alfie and Betty

So Alfie had a few hours of fun, playing with his best mate Betty the dog, and exploring my mum’s garden.

We then went to visit Alfie’s cousins in the afternoon and spent some time in the park with them which was great fun.  Alfie is obsessed with the swings though and cried every time I went to take him off!


On Sunday we had another day of life admin. Our landlord had a few bits to do in the house and then my dad came round to fix a broken light for us. This meant Alfie got some more play time with Nanny and Grandad.

We had planned to go to Lakeside,the local shopping centre, but Alfie had a late nap so Craig caught up on some Netflix and I did some blogging!

Alfie enjoying the park for the second time this weekend!

Alfie enjoying the park for the second time this weekend!

When he woke up we took a quick trip to the park over the road from us.  We haven’t been since Alfie has been walking independently, so he had great fun being able to move around he equipment by himself. Of course, he just wanted to go on the swings the most!

When we got back, Daddy was cooking dinner so we had a quick play with his Vtech Toot Toot train track. Alfie was mesmerised by the train going down the helta skelter bit! He then enjoyed destroying the track that Mummy had taken ages to put together!


Unfortunately it was a pretty boring weekend for Alfie, but next weekend we shall make up for it! Now the house is clean and organised, it will be easier to keep on top of the cleaning. This means we’ll have more time for activities!

Daddy is away next weekend, so Mummy is going to have lots planned with Alfie to keep him entertained.

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