Midwife appointments – what to expect

When you are pregnant, you will need to go to regular appointments with your midwife. You will have a booking in appointment, where your midwife will take all the information she needs from you and also the dad. Then you will have appointments every 4 weeks or so.

Typically, every midwife appointment will be the same – they will test your urine, blood pressure, check baby’s heartbeat and measure your bump. They will also ask you questions about how you’re feeling and if you have any swelling in your hands, feet or face. They may also weigh you. You will have a notes book to keep all this information in. It is important that you take this to every appointment- I treated myself to this lovely folder to keep my notes safe and ensure I didn’t forget them!


You may see the same midwife, or like me, see a different midwife at every appointment. This was a little frustrating as I didn’t get to build a bond with my midwife and I felt less comfortable asking questions. Thankfully I had a pretty straightforward pregnancy until the very end, so I didn’t have that many questions. But whoever your midwife is, if you do have any queries or concerns, you should speak to her about this.

Your work must give you time off for your appointments although typically they only have to give you a half day and can ask you to schedule your appointments so as not to disrupt your working day.

I always looked forward to my midwife appointments, listening to my baby’s heartbeat and seeing how my bump measured were my favourite bits!

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