Times To Treasure – Week 1

Happy Monday! Welcome to my first Times to Treasure series. Every Monday I will do a round up of what we did at the weekend. Now I’m back at work full time, it’s important we have quality family time together.

I will post my favourite photo of the weekend on my Instagram feed with the hashtag #timestotreasure. It would be lovely if you could join in and post your favourite photo of the weekend. Then I will pick my favourite photos and post them on the blog and Instagram feed the following week. By using this hashtag, you are giving me permission to post your photos on my blog and social media accounts, including instagram, twitter and facebook.

So back to our weekend! We had a pretty full packed and exciting time this weekend. It was my nephew’s birthday on Sunday, so on Saturday we went over to visit him and have breakfast with the family. Alfie’s cousins absolutely love him and it’s great when we visit because they keep him entertained. We had a lovely cooked breakfast by my sister and Craig spent the morning playing Marvel Top Trumps with my nephew (which was part of his birthday present from us).


Always happy when he’s eating!!

When we finished breakfast we headed off to our local outlet village. I don’t think I have shared our exciting news with you (no, not THAT kind of news!). Alfie has started walking!! One day he just stood up in the middle of the room and took a few steps. He’s been gaining in confidence ever since so we thought it was about time we went and got him his first pair of shoes. I was very excited about this as he’s never really worn shoes before, not even pram shoes as we’ve always kept him barefoot so it was exciting to get his first pair.

First shoes!

First shoes!

We got him measured – a massive 4.5 G at 13 months! Because it was an outlet shop, we didn’t have a huge amount of choice for his size but settled on a cute pair that look like mock football boots. And the best bit – they flash!!!! I didn’t realise until he started walking, but they are so cool. Unfortunately because ot was an outlet shop we didn’t get the usual Clarks “First Photo” but we took our own and I plan to make a cute frame for it.


Practicing his squats now he can stand on his own

We then popped in to visit Grandad and Nanny Jones and Alfie had fun showomg off his shoes and playing with the doggies.

On Sunday, I was up early sorting out the house (boring!) whilst watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix (love it!) while the boys had a lie in. Then we went to visit some lovely friends who had just returned from holiday.


Walking to Aunty Gem and Uncle Will’s house


In the afternoon we went to a little place called Parlour Cafe for lunch. It’s gorgeous there. Craig and I both had a scrumpy milkshake then I had a pulled pork roll and Craig had the burger. Both tasted amazing! Alfie tucked in to a lovely jacked potato with beans. We sat indoors as it was threatening to raise.  but they have a cute outdoor area for the kids so Alfie had a quick play before we left.

Wonderful time at Parlour Cafe

Wonderful time at Parlour Cafe

Then we popped to our local soft play, Let’s Go Bonkers. Its a lovely soft play area that is always spotlessly clean, is cheap and never too crowded that we worry Alfie will be knocked over. In fact it was almost empty yesterday so we could just let Alfie loose! Soft play is so much more fun since he has been on the move. However, it is also more exhausting for us as we are chasing him around and helping him on the bits he can’t do.

Let's Go Bonkers!!

Let’s Go Bonkers!!

I then cooked a lovely roast and we finished off by a quick swing over at the park. Alfie was so exhausted he fell asleep 10 minutes after getting out the bath!!

All in all we had a brilliant weekend! Please do pop over to Instagram and post your favourite photo of the weekend using the hashtag #timestotreasure. Come back next week to see what else we’ve been getting up to!

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  1. Such a lovely idea for an instahashtag (Pinched that of MMT – I don’t really speak Instagram yet but I really did ought to get to grips with it!) Sounds like a brilliant weekend – and congratulations to Alfie for taking his first steps. Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

  2. You’re so right that the weekends are so precious when you work full time! Looks like you packed so much into yours and it’s great to see how quickly your little one is coming along with his walking. Tough few months on the old back for us mums though!

    I love the idea of your new hashtag – loving these growing Instagram communities. I look forward to joining in. Fab website me love all your gorgeous images that bring it to life. Xx

  3. First shoes! What a big step and trust me your picture is way better than the one you would have got and the amount you’ll have to spend on shoes I’d try and get to an outlet shop as often as you can!! I’ve added your hashtag to my insta list, can’t wait to join in #bestandworst

    • I’m so glad we have an outlet shop, helps to save the pennies! I am going to create a first shoes frame so much better than a Clarks photo 🙂 thank you, look forward to welcoming you over on Instagram 🙂 thanks for reading.

  4. Those shoes are cute – you’re lucky to have an outlet next to you as clarks shoes can be so expensive! I’m sure that’ll be him off and running now #bestandworst

  5. It sound like you had a lovely weekend. I love the idea of the series and Instagram community! Yay for first pair of shoes, walking, and Gilmore Girls. That’s one of my favorite shows. Thanks for linking up with #Dreamteam hope to see you next week☺

  6. Lovely pictures & sounds like a great time! I was very excited about first shoes too! Had opposite to you though – my two girls were both very small, so their feet were small. They were also pretty early walkers. Eldest a few days after 1st birthday, & youngest a few weeks before. So got really excited to get first shoes, only to discover their feet were too small for the smallest walkers most shops do. Found a specialist shop eventually that did proper walkers in tiny sizes! #bestandworst

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