Something About…Christmas With Becca Blogs It Out

It’s Friday!!  If you’re as sick of seeing all the Black Friday offers as I am (I’ve been bombarded since last Friday!!) then check out the next instalment of Something About…Christmas to get you in the Christmas mood instead!  This week we meet Becca from Becca Blogs it Out and learn all about how she does Christmas – including stockings, baking and visiting Father Christmas (FIVE times!!). Check out Becca over on Facebook and Twitter.

Christmas This or That

Real tree or fake tree? Fake (cats!)
Perfect colour scheme or mis-matched decorations? Perfect colour scheme
Giving presents or receiving presents? (be honest!!) Giving presents (I love to shop)
Stocking or no stocking? Stocking.
Presents in the morning or afternoon? Morning. Who can wait??
Christmas Magic or the Grinch? Christmas magic!
Do you love or hate wrapping presents? Love it.
Christmas at home or away? Home.
Christmas shopping early or last minute? Early.

Christmas jumpers – cool or cheesy? Both!

How Do You Do Christmas?

When does your Christmas tree go up? And how long does it stay up for? My tree goes up on December 10th every year. That was my Nan’s birthday and she loved decorating her tree on her birthday, so I carried on the tradition after she passed away. It usually comes down around January 2nd. Taking the tree down is my least favourite household chores!

Do you do any Christmas baking? If so, what is your favourite thing to make? I love to bake! I love decorating cakes, so Christmas cakes are my favourite, but cookies are my favourite to eat!

What is your favourite Christmas craft or activity, or is there something new you’d like to try this year? I like to make my own Christmas cards. I haven’t been able to since having my twins, but I’m hoping they’ll be able to help me this year!

Do you visit Father Christmas? If so, where are you going this year? I LOVE visiting Santa. We’re seeing 5 Santa’s this year, because I have no self control! We’re going to Longleat’s Festival of Lights in November and doing the Santa train there, then we’ve got the grotto at Bluewater shopping centre, my favourite Santa at our local community centre, Brookside Garden Centre (which is supposed to be an amazing grotto) and our family tradition of seeing Santa at a local Notcutts garden centre on Christmas Eve.

What is your favourite Christmas memory? The twins’ first Christmas! They didn’t have a clue what was going on, but I’d waited so long to share Christmas with babies, it was lovely!

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What’s your favourite? We have lots of Christmas traditions! I love Christmas Eve. Before bed, I watch Santa Claus: The Movie, with a gammon sandwich and a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

What do you wear on Christmas day? Do you dress up, wear a cheesy Christmas jumper or stay in your pjs? I stay in my PJs until I have to start cooking and people start visiting. Then I put a Christmas jumper on!

Do you have turkey for dinner or something else? Definitely turkey! And all the trimmings!

How has Christmas changed for you since having children? It’s so much more magical! And expensive! They’re nearly 3 now, so I’m really enjoying telling them all about Christmas and our traditions.

Finally…What do you want Father Christmas to bring you this year? A nap would be nice!
Thanks Becca for joining in the Christmas festivities with this post!  Come back next week for our next instalment.

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