Something About…Christmas: with Lylia Rose

We’re back this week with another installment of our Something About… Christmas series!  This week we are joined by Victoria from Lylia Rose who tells us about her Christmas – putting the tree up in December, wearing her cheesy cool Christmas jumper and what she’ll be having instead of turkey!  Head on over to her Twitter page for more about her blog.

Christmas This or That

Real tree or fake tree? Fake tree – one year we had a real one and it shed before Christmas Day!

Perfect colour scheme or mis-matched decorations? Perfect!

Giving presents or receiving presents? (be honest!!) Giving!  Dare I say it, I actually hate receiving presents – I’m a total minimalist and hate ‘stuff’!

Stocking or no stocking? Stockings for the kids!

Presents in the morning or afternoon? Morning!  Who can wait?!

Christmas Magic or the Grinch? Magic 🙂

Do you love or hate wrapping presents? Both?!  Love at first, then get bored and hate!

Christmas at home or away? Christmas Day at home, then away!

Christmas shopping early or last minute? Early!  I did mine in September this year!

Christmas jumpers – cool or cheesy?  Cheesy cool!  Cool because they’re cheesy!

How Do You Do Christmas?

When does your Christmas tree go up? And how long does it stay up for? The first Saturday in December, or as close to the first as possible.  This year the first is a Saturday, woo-hoo!  It stays up until the last day of December.  It’s totally a December tree only in our home!

Do you do any Christmas baking? If so, what is your favourite thing to make? I will be making a vegan Christmas cake for all to enjoy!  But no, nothing officially Christmassey that I bake.

What is your favourite Christmas craft or activity, or is there something new you’d like to try this year? It’s all about my kids at Christmas, so for them it will be making cards and getting glitter everywhere!

Do you visit Father Christmas? If so, where are you going this year? Yes I’ll be taking the children to see him at Bluestone in Wales as we’ll spend three nights there close to Christmas.  They have a Santa Workshop and it will be a surprise for the kids!  We also try to see the local Christmas light switch ons ad see Santa in the parades there.

What is your favourite Christmas memory? Waking up to a stocking at the end of my bed and believing that Santa had been!

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What’s your favourite? When I was younger we used to have to put on anything we received that could be worn.  It was a bit like that Friend’s episode when Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes – ‘could I be wearing anymore clothes?’!!

What do you wear on Christmas day? Do you dress up, wear a cheesy Christmas jumper or stay in your pjs? Usually I get up and showered and then into comfy clothes or ‘slops’ as my mum used to call them!  So jogging bottoms, fluffy socks, cosy jumper – whatever is comfortable!

Do you have turkey for dinner or something else?  Something else as I am vegan!  We will have a nut roast.

How has Christmas changed for you since having children?  It is so much better.  I love it for the children.  It’s brought back the magic of Christmas.  I’m not fussed about Christmas for myself at all now.  I just want the kids to have a great time and for us to have some cosy days together in front of the fire watching Christmas films and eating yummy food.

Finally…What do you want Father Christmas to bring you this year?  A voucher for a massage.  Yes please!

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