Something About…Christmas: with Living with A Jude

Yay, December has arrived and we can go full on Christmas crazy now!!  I’m still going with my Something About Christmas series, and this week I am joined by Alice from Life With A Jude, a fabulous blog about life with her three children Jude, Elsa and Emmeline. Jude has severe learning disabilities and autism and is the reason why Alice started blogging in the first place. Give her a follow over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Christmas This or That

Real tree or fake tree? Real! I love the smell of a real tree – I feel horribly guilty about the tree waste so this year I will get a rooted one so we can plant it in the garden once Christmas is over.

Perfect colour scheme or mis matched decorations? I love the idea of having a colour scheme but we often end up with a bit of a mish mash. The children like to sort the decorations and I think it’s about them so try to be quite hands off.

Giving presents or receiving presents? (be honest!!) I hate getting presents. It’s something Joe always moans at me about because I come across ungrateful. I’m not, I just have no expectation of getting anything. This is probably because I’ve stressed and sweated making sure everyone else has nice things, I just forget about me. But no, in all honesty I don’t like getting presents.

Stocking or no stocking? Stocking for the children, yes! It was my favourite part as a child and my gang love it too.

Presents in the morning or afternoon? In the morning. Who the hell can wait till the afternoon when you’re five years old and can see all the presents under the tree. I was always up at the crack of dawn as a child but thankfully my three aren’t quite so bad. We’re still up relatively early though.

Christmas Magic or the Grinch? Bit of both. I try to be Christmas Magic but don’t buy into the every gimmick that’s going…

Do you love or hate wrapping presents? I’m useless. Joe and Elsa are pretty good so I try to palm it off to them.

Christmas at home or away? Always home but I’d love to spend Christmas on the beach one year.

Christmas shopping early or last minute? I try to be organised and buy a few bits in October but then life takes over and I end up rushing a bit at the end. Doesn’t help that Elsa and my mum’s birthdays are in December too arrgghhhh

Christmas jumpers – cool or cheesy? Love a Christmas jumper! We buy new ones every year or so haha

How Do You Do Christmas?

When does your Christmas tree go up? And how long does it stay up for? About the 10th-ish of December and it goes down by the end of December.

Do you do any Christmas baking? If so, what is your favourite thing to make? I love to make my own mince pies, Christmas cookies and last year for the first time I made the most amazing vegan trifle for Christmas day. T’was delish and even my mum loved it which was a super compliment. I do like to bake at Christmas, yes 🙂

What is your favourite Christmas craft or activity, or is there something new you’d like to try this year? Bloody hate craft, sorry I just can’t do it. I don’t think I have a single artistic gene in my body.

Do you visit Father Christmas? If so, where are you going this year? Of course! Elsa’s school welcome Father Christmas every year and he’s always particularly lovely.

What is your favourite Christmas memory? Christmas eves as a child, playing Trivial Pursuit with my parents and Grandad. Every year we did this and we always had chilli for dinner on Christmas eve too. No idea why. More recently, our gorgeous trip to New York in 2017. We went to visit friends the week before Christmas and it was so amazing. The Christmas tree in our apartment block was really cool.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What’s your favourite? New jammies on Christmas eve for everyone! I don’t think we do anything unusual…satsuma at the bottom of the stocking, etc. Joe and I open one present each on Christmas eve once the children are in bed, that’s pretty lovely.

What do you wear on Christmas day? Do you dress up, wear a cheesy Christmas jumper or stay in your pjs? I wear jeans and a Christmas jumper normally, nothing fancy. I’ve dressed up a few years but just feel uncomfortable.

Do you have turkey for dinner or something else? Bleurgh, no! I don’t understand how raising millions of turkeys in dark, cramped sheds and then killing them can be seen as celebratory. No, we make something different each year to go alongside the usual roast potatoes, sprouts, etc. Last year we had the most gorgeous (home made!) sausage roll plait (vegetarian obvs), stuffed butternut squash and cauliflower “wings”, roast spuds, carrots, sprouts, stuffing and gallons of gravy. It was amazing.

How has Christmas changed for you since having children? I love seeing their faces as we go down the stairs and the excited chatter between them, whispering in case Father Christmas is still there! Jude has always hated the whole day but he’s got a lot better and will now open presents with us and sit for lunch. The best gift is seeing them happy. Before we had children it just wasn’t half as exciting.

Finally…What do you want Father Christmas to bring you this year? A less stressful 2019 please.

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