Something About…Christmas: with Chilling With Lucas

I hope you’ve all been enjoyingy Something About Christmas series as much as I have! I love reading about everyone’s christmCh traditions and how peipep celebrate things differently.  This week we’ve got Jenni from Chilling With Lucas telling us all about her Christmas.  Head over to her Facebook and Twitter page for more on her blog.

Christmas This or That

Real tree or fake tree?
I love the scent of real trees as my parents go with Lucas to choose their tree. We have a fake one at our house.

Perfect colour scheme or mis matched decorations?
I really like colour schemed decorations but I’m happy to have mismatched whilst Lucas is getting involved choosing decorations he likes

Giving presents or receiving presents? (be honest!!)
Probably giving, I love thinking about what to buy and giving them

Stocking or no stocking?
I can’t even remember if we have stockings or not haha

Presents in the morning or afternoon?
My partner and I do our presents Christmas Eve night when Lucas is in bed. We do Lucas’ presents Christmas morning

Christmas Magic or the Grinch?
Christmas magic

Do you love or hate wrapping presents?
I like wrapping presents, I wouldn’t say love but definitely not hate. I like going to buy the papers and labels

Christmas at home or away?
We have Christmas at home but I would love to go away one year

Christmas shopping early or last minute?
Early, I’ve pretty much finished by October

Christmas jumpers – cool or cheesy?
Neither but I like them. I’m getting a Christmas suit this year to wear at a Christmas tree festival I’m organising!

How Do You Do Christmas?

When does your Christmas tree go up? And how long does it stay up for?
Early-Mid December until just after new year

Do you do any Christmas baking? If so, what is your favourite thing to make?
Not usually but I think I’ll make cookies with Lucas this year

What is your favourite Christmas craft or activity, or is there something new you’d like to try this year?
I’m going to the Manchester Christmas markets with my friends this year for the first time

Do you visit Father Christmas? If so, where are you going this year?
We are seeing him twice this year, once at a drive in movies at Haigh Woodland Park and once on a Santa Express at Ribble Railway

What do you wear on Christmas day? Do you dress up, wear a cheesy Christmas jumper or stay in your pjs?
Usually just a smart casual outfit of some type. I get Lucas a Christmas shirt to wear

Do you have turkey for dinner or something else?
Turkey and all the trimmings

How has Christmas changed for you since having children?
It’s become more magical again seeing him get excited for Father Christmas

Finally…What do you want Father Christmas to bring you this year?
An Eeyore Pandora charm

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