1. Doodar

    I love your reviews, they always come at the right time! I’ve been looking at these for a while and couldn’t decide if they’d be as good as they look so it’s great to hear what you thought of them.

    I’ve stopped using large muslins to cover in public as I’ve found them a faff and draw more attention than without, but am still a little self conscious. Can’t wait for the black t-shirts to be released x

  2. Liz Macfarlane

    I’ve only been feeding for 7 weeks and haven’t had many outings yet as had lots of problems with my recovery but I guess my best tip is to ignore everyone else and have confidence in yourself as you are amazing!

  3. My best piece of advice about feeding in public is to wear confidence. If you look confident in what you’re doing, even if you’re not, you’ll feel so much better and you won’t feel like people are staring or being judgey x

  4. Samantha Hutchinson

    This is great I saw your post on them the other day and had a little look will be ordering one shortly such a good idea

  5. Holly

    This looks amazing! I’m feeding number 4 and finding stylish feeding clothes is a nightmare All of the feeding clothes are maternity! Xx

  6. Sue McCarthy

    I don’t have any kids but I’d say get what you need out your bag before you start (eg wipes etc) then you won’t be digging about the bottom of your bag whilst trying to protect your modesty! And ignore everyone else, they don’t matter.

  7. Rachel Craig

    Dress comfortably, and try to aim to have clothing which facilitates with breastfeeding. A shawl can assist with maintain dignity /respect. Having some supportive family and /or friends with you can assist in feeling more relaxed.

  8. Fay

    I have no tips because I have never breastfed, but my best friend is breast feeding her week old baby, I would love to win for her

  9. Lauren Dixon

    These look amazing! I love a comfy T-shirt, would be awesome not to have to wear a vest under everything!

  10. Jennifer Bruce

    My tip is to pick a nice spot where you feel comfortable, all the rest will fall into place if you’re comfortable

  11. Helen Stratton

    The best tip is to just relax. It will be quicker and easier if your both happy and relaxed 🙂

  12. Hannah Carroll

    My sister’s baby likes to stop and stare at her ? while breastfeeding which makes her self conscious so she wears a strapless top underneath whatever she is wearing so she can just pull it up easily for those love moments ?
    This top looks amazing! It’s do difficult to find clothing while breastfeeding!

  13. natalie crossan

    I never knew until having a baby that you could go and breastfeed in peace in Mothercare – a tip I pass on to all new mums x

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