Mama Bamboo Nappies and Wipes: A Review

I’m always looking for ways to live a more sustainable life, and have started to implement small changes that I hope will become big changes, and thus have a big impact on our family’s imprint in the world.  One of these changes is from disposal nappies to cloth nappies. I would say we use cloth nappies 80% of the time – perhaps a little less at the moment as I’m overloaded with washing!  But I am trying hard to reduce the amount of disposable nappies we use.  When I was asked if I’d like to try out some bamboo nappies and wipes from Mama Bamboo, I was very pleased to give them a go as they are a much better alternative to cloth nappies

I was sent two different sizes as Henry was on the cusp of size three and size four, and also a pack of wipes to try out.

First impressions

When I first opened the box and got the nappies out, I was pleased to see how soft the nappies were.  One thing I hate about disposals is they aren’t very soft.  These were gorgeous though and I felt like they would be really comfortable for Henry. They also have a very cute panda design on them. The wipes were lovely too – not as wet as my usual brand but still great at getting rid of the nasty stuff!  They were a little more difficult to get out of the packet, I think because they’re not as wet, but they seemed to be much better at wiping away poo which meant I used less at each nappy change.  I usually use reusable wipes at home but these were fab for my changing bag!

The fit

After trying out the size three on him for a few days, I think the size four were definitely a better fit.  With our first wear we had a leak – quite a big one! Henry weed and it went through the nappy, through his clothes and on to my top!  I wouldn’t say he was a particularly heavy wetter, so my initial reaction wasn’t a good one (mostly because we were out shopping at the time so I had to walk around with a wee soaked t-shirt!).

However, after switching to the size four, we had no issues at all and I thought they were excellent!  They lasted him all night with no problems and I was very impressed. They were easy to do up, but not easy for Henry to undo himself (a downside to velco cloth nappies!!) and we had no more leaks – wee or poo – at all!  I loved using these nappies and they were no different to use than a normal disposal nappy.

The ethical impact

Mama Bamboo pledge to use only the best materials in their products.  Bamboo is a highly sustainable material and the company ensure they reduce their environmental impact at every stage.  Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and helps to regulate babies temperature, so a massive bonus for your baby!

Whilst not 100% biodegradable due to the plastic used in the elastic and tabs, Mama Bamboo nappies are likely to 85% biodegrade in 2 years in a landfill – compared to 500 YEARS of a normal nappy. This will be even quicker if you compost at home (but remember to take out the plastic tabs!) Their wipes are 100% biodegradable.

The cost

At £18.99 for a pack of 70 nappies (for size four) and £1.89 for a single pack of wipes, these are more expensive than the ones you’d pick up in the supermarket.  There’s no getting away from the fact if you wanted to use these nappies full time, you are looking at a big expense.  However, the environmental issues is a big one, and using these instead of disposables full time would be fantastic for our planet.  In my case, these are a great alternative to when I can’t or don’t want to use our cloth nappies. You can also use the subscription service to buy in bulk and make cost savings there.

The final verdict

I really loved using these nappies and wipes. They definitely felt nicer than my usual disposables and Henry seemed to be comfortable wearing them.  I don’t think I could convert full time due to the cost, however I would consider using these as an alternative to normal disposables when I couldn’t use my cloth nappies.

Disclosure: I was sent 10 nappies for the purpose of this review. You can claim a sample of 8 nappies for free from the website.

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