Making A Memory Christmas Tree with The Christmas Forest

Without a doubt, my favourite part of Christmas is putting up our Christmas tree. It signals the start of the festivities for me, and has quickly become a lovely tradition for us as a family.  We get the decorations down from the loft, open a tin of Christmas chocolates or biscuits and whack on the Christmas tunes.  Once we’re done and the Christmas lights are twinkling, we’ll snuggle up on the sofa under a Christmas blanket with some hot chocolate and watch a Christmas film.  This year, we have been lucky enough to be sent out first real Christmas tree from The Christmas Forest.

Christmas tree

After a delayed arrival, we had to decorate our tree slightly later than planned which honestly was so hard for me as I’m usually an end of November kind of girl!  This year it didn’t go up until 2nd December!  But, in the end it really didn’t matter because our tree is so lovely, it was worth the wait!  We were sent a 6ft Normann Fir tree with a stand and it arrived when we we’re out for the day, so I was super excited to see if sitting by our front door when we got home.  The great thing about the Christmas Forest is they can deliver you a tree nationwide (just check on their website they deliver to your postcode) but if you live near a pop up shop in London, you can go and choose your own tree!!  I didn’t actually realise until we had ordered our tree, but when we spent the weekend in London for Craig’s birthday, we walked right past on of the shops! So we could have actually picked out own out.  I’d definitely consider doing that next time as I think it would make the experience even better.

Christmas Forest

We’ve never had a real tree before, so I was determined to do it right.  I read the instructions about sawing off the bottom, and then how to place it in the stand correctly (it is wonky, but I think that adds to the charm!) We then filled the bottom with water and we were ready to decorate.

We have amassed lots of decorations over the seven years we’ve lived together – ones from holidays, ones to celebrate weddings and anniversaries and babies! And then of course we have Alfie’s own creations, and in the coming years we’ll have Henry’s to add too.  I’m such a sentimental person, I love having decorations with meaning behind them.  So here are my favourite decorations on our memory tree:

1st Christmas as Mr and Mrs

Our friend bought us this as a gift. We got married in November and got back from our honeymoon at the end of the month. We then decided to move house at the end of January, so we made the decision not to put our tree up that year (we totally should have just done it!). So instead we put up our wedding wish tree and hung this bauble on it.

Christening Baubles

Alfie’s godmother bought this gorgeous bauble as a gift when we christened Alfie in 2015.  This comes out every year now and is hung in our tree.  She then bought a matching one for Henry this year which I love!  It was such a thoughtful gift.

Rememberance Robin

My beloved nanny sadly passed away on 27th December 2016 after a long fight with cancer.  Last year was our first Christmas without her. I bought this beautiful robin decoration, as I love the idea that whenever a robin is near, it’s my Nanny Badger watching over us.

New York, New York

We have quite a few baubles from our first wedding anniversary trip to New York because we went at Thanksgiving time so the shops were filled with Christmas things! It really is my dream to visit New York at Christmas time one year, but for now I shall enjoy looking at my baubles each year and remembering the awesome time we had.

Alfie’s First Christmas

As I’m sure most mothers do, I went a little crazy for Alfie’s first Christmas as bought just a few “first Christmas” baubles!  I love them though and now need to get matching ones for Henry!

Homemade Decorations

Now Alfie is getting older, he’s able to make his own homemade decorations. These are usually done at nursery, but we have a couple that were done at various Christmas experiences we’ve been to.  I know some people don’t like these decorations are they don’t “go” with the rest of the tree, but I honestly love them and can’t wait to have Henry create some too!

Christmas Eve Box

When I started doing a Christmas Eve box for Alfie’s first Christmas, I put in a tree decoration that fit in with the theme for that year.  Our first one was penguin!  And every year since, I’ve done this and so now we have a lovely collection of decorations that all have Alfie’s name and the year on.  And now we can start doing this with Henry too!

I do love a perfectly decorated tree, but I also love all our special baubles that bring back a certain memory about something.  It’s makes decorating the tree every year such a fun occasion as we remember all the special places or special people our decorations represent. I can’t wait until Alfie is enough to appreciate them all as well.

Disclosure: We were sent this tree from The Christmas Forest in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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