1. I’m a big babywearing advocate and I know people find it hard that there are no sling libraries around here. An online rental is a great alternative, obviously you miss out on having someone in person show you how to use the sling, but it sounds like they are really helpful in getting you to pick the right one for you. And there is always YouTube for demo’s…

  2. We had a sling and another carrier when my daughter was tiny and she loved being in them, and we loved carrying her in them too. This looks like a great one!

  3. What a brilliant service, and this sling looks really fab. I loved wearing Oscar in a sling when he was a baby. Now he’s a heavy toddler, if I do ever carry him, it’s not particularly comfortable!

  4. I love baby wearing, my favourite with a newborn was a stretchy, just loved the convenience of being able to wear it tied up like in the car then pop them in and out. This service sounds great. I have an expensive woven wrap sitting at home that I never got to grips with!

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