Christmas Has Come Early with Wicked Uncle

This time of year is such a magical time. From the twinkling Christmas lights, to visits to see Father Christmas, to the most amazing spreads of food. December is definitely my favourite month! And that’s before you get to opening your presents! Alfie is very lucky that he has such a big family and so gets spoilt every year with gifts for which we are always extremely grateful.  But when Wicked Uncle contacted me to ask if we would like to review some toys from their website, I jumped at the chance – Christmas really has come early for Alfie this year!

I first came across the Wicked Uncle website last year and thought it was a brilliant concept. Designed to help family and friends who may have difficulty knowing what to buy younger members, the website is easy to use and navigate. You can select if the toy is for a boy or girl, or simply click “all” and then narrow down by age groups. You can further narrow your options by selecting categories like “adventure” or “creative”.

Wicked Uncle website

As I am chief present buyer in our house, I decided to ask my husband to use the £40 voucher we were gifted from Wicked Uncle to select some gifts for Alfie. Although I buy the majority of the presents, we do make the final decision on what to buy together, but that’s after I’ve done all the research and searching and narrowed down the options first.

However, I asked Daddy to visit the site and spend the voucher all on his own! He was in his element! Here’s what he thought of the website:

I liked the initial set up of the website as it was colourful and fun, but also easy to use. As Alfie is almost 2.5, I selected age 2 first and had a browse through all the items that were suggested.  There was just so much choice!  Alfie’s in to lots of different things at the moment, which means there are a lot of things we could buy him, but also makes it a bit harder to narrow it down.  After browsing through the toys for his age, I selected the John Deere Dump Truck and Tractor as he loves all vehicles at the moment.  I then checked out the toys for age 3 and changed the filter from boys to all and selected Christmas fun. I came across the World Map in a Tub set and knew Mummy would appreciate this present! Alfie is like a sponge at the moment and loves learning but we sometimes have trouble getting him in the bath so are always on the look out for interesting toys that will entice him to get in the tub!  Finally, I went a bit “off-piste” and just had a browse through the whole website. You can definitely lose a couple of hours searching this site for all the cool stuff they sell! I came across this very cool Pokibot Mini Robot and knew Alfie would love it (note from Mummy: read that as Daddy would love it!!).” 

Wicked Uncle toys

After Daddy showed me what he had selected, I finished the ordering process myself. I love that you have the option of gift wrapping the gifts and adding cards and personalised messages to each item before it is sent. This is great for people who either hate wrapping or who are just very busy and struggle to find time for it.  I was very excited for our order to arrive and find out what Alfie thought.

Wicked Uncle Christmas

Wicked Uncle gift wrapping

Our gifts arrived very quickly – within a few days and I was so excited to give them to Alfie. We started by giving him the Pokibot Mini Robot.  He was very excited to see it and couldn’t wait for Daddy to get it out of the pack. However, we came across a bit of a stumbling block. The screw to undo the battery case is tiny, and we didn’t have a screwdriver to undo it with! Top tip – a bobby pin works wonders!

Once we had got the batteries in, Alfie had a blast chasing the little robot round the floor. There is lots it can do, like record messages and give it instructions, but to be honest Alfie was happy to just watch it running backwards and forwards. If you clap, it makes noises and runs and Alfie thought it was brilliant! I know Daddy is looking forward to getting his geek on though discovering what else the toy can do.

Next we gave Alfie the John Deere trucks. His little face was a picture! He absolutely loved them, and quickly figured out how to move the front bit up and down. I think these will be perfect in the summer in his sand pit – or even if we get some more snow, they’d be ideal for shovelling snow around!

Finally, Alfie was given the World Map for the bath. We’ve had an awful time recently getting Alfie in the bath. Once he’s in there he loves it, but it can take 30 minutes just to persuade him to jump in the tub! Well, within a few minutes of showing him his new bath toy, he jumped right in and had a whale of a time putting all the pieces on the tiles and showing me all the animals. We went through the names and noises of the animals and then showed him the different countries. I must admit, it was quite hard to actually put together, and I had to follow the box to figure it out. Geography is not my forte!! For the price of the toy, I was really impressed with it and think it’s definitely something we’ll get a lot of use out of.

Alfie had a brilliant time reviewing these toys, and I am really impressed with the Wicked Uncle website. It will definitely be my go to for Christmas and birthday presents in the future. If you’re quick, you’ll still be able to order those last minute Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for the kids!

Disclaimer: We were given a £40 voucher to purchase these toys in exchange for an honest review of the website. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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