1. Rachel

    I’m expecting my first baby so I’ve never breastfed before. I like that I’ll be able to provide my little one with the best source of nutrition that I can.

  2. Im desperate for a new nursing bra. I still nursing my neatly 3 year old and am currently 6 months pregnant. My current nursing friendly bras are getting a little snug, but my maternity bras are no good for nursing in. Need something comfortable to take me through the last few months of pregnancy feeding one and into the postpartum months tandem feeding two.

  3. I’m really early into my breastfeeding journey, 4 weeks in but only 3 where we have both been confident in what we are doing. The best thing about it is having more time where it’s just us two, it’s like carrying on the closeness of pregnancy!

  4. Doodar

    My baby is 13 weeks old and I love the convenience of breastfeeding but have just got to the ‘would be nice to wear more flattering nursing bra’ stage having happily lived in stretchy, comfortable bras up to now. This is a really useful review as it’s so hard to know where to start looking! X

  5. Samantha Hutchinson

    This looks very comfy I like the gel wire idea. My fave bra at the moment is a molded cup one but when it comes to feeding it’s hard to tuck the cup under so this sounds like it would solve the problem whilst being supportive

  6. Kirsty Burns

    This looks perfect I’m really struggling to find a comfortable bra that I can easily nurse in and actually provides some support. ☺️

  7. Oh this looks fab! Love the sound of the gel wire – I really miss a wired bra to perk my boobs up a bit! I only really breastfeed at night now although I still wear my nursing bra during the day because sometimes he likes to grow caution to the wind and demand a daytime feed! A new bra would be awesome!

  8. Jennifer Bruce

    I love that I can feed our baby boy without any preparation. Always ready to go, especially in the night, has to be the best bit!

  9. Liz Macfarlane

    My favourite thing about feeding is knowing I can do it this time round and it’s so beneficial to both baby and myself.

  10. Holly

    After feeding 3 I deffo need some support feeding number 4. I’ve tried the hot milk ones and found them to be really good as well xx

  11. Rosemary Tily

    My youngest daughter is expecting her first baby in September and hopes to breastfeed. This Carriwell Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra looks so comfortable that I’m sure she would like to try it.

  12. Rachel Craig

    Benefits for Mum and Baby, as well as convenience when Breastfeeding is established. Such a Nurturing, Bonding natural feeding and development when all is going well.

  13. Solange

    I love the warmth and closeness. It’s also really lovely when they are breastfeeding, look into your eyes and smile (from 2 months onwards). Just thinking back still melts my heart.

  14. Fay

    I’ve never breast fed before but I would love to win for my best friend, who had her first baby last Tuesday night & is breast feeding

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