1. Oh your poor sister! It sounds horrendous, especially still being sick AFTER her second baby arrived and only being sent to the hospital when she was throwing up in the doctors! I’m glad she’s come out the other side relatively ok xxx

  2. Oh that sounds horrendous! I had all day nausea and vomited every time I smelled or saw something repulsive. Thanks to your sister for being so open! #bestandworst

  3. Great to be raising awareness, I really feel for you. I was oblivious prior to my pregnancy that it was possible to be sick 24 hours a day and well beyond twelve weeks. It was so tough. #bloggersclubuk

  4. Leanne

    I had this problem for 4 months and towards the end . Starting from 3 weeks..
    It was awful sickness dizziness . Fainting from having no energy then doctors just claim it will pass like yeah OK when?
    I was sick throughout the whole day and it never ended vegetables were the worst
    I lost weight . My skin was bad and my body was falling apart.
    My work place wasn’t happy and I lost a lot of money. I wish there was a better understanding for mothers who have this and work places to understand we don’t ask for this.
    But my little one is nearly 10 months and it’s amazing.
    Oh and I still can’t eat vegetables or smell certain ones boiling without feeling sick lol
    Thank you for being honest and opening up xx

  5. Oh my goodness how horrendous! I was so lucky not to suffer at all with morning sickness so I just can’t even imagine how hard it must be to get through a pregnancy with this. Thanks for much for sharing on #coolmumclub xoxo

  6. Oh lord that sounds awful my friend went through exactly the same thing , pretty horrendous when trying to look after a toddler and a 6yr old too . That’s another benefit of me being an adoptive mum!

  7. Wow that has definitely shocked me just how bad HG is! Your poor sister and all those other women who suffer. This post is fantastic at raising awareness for this awful condition. I hope they find a better way of doctors treating it soon!

  8. This is horrific and I am so thankful I didnt suffer much! I was sick once in the morning everyday and felt great after that but on days i didnt be sick I felt utter crap all day! I feel for those who do suffer. Pregnancy is hard enough!

  9. How awful! I am fortunate to have never suffered this during my three pregnancies, I just had nausea for a few months. It sounds absolutely horrible to go through this on top of the rest of pregnancy x

  10. Sickness and nausea is such a debilitating thing! I really feel for your sister. I have always thought pregnancy is such a beautiful thing but it has some horrible affects on us ladies ? #MarvMondays

  11. My morning sickness has been worse with each pregnancy and at times I felt miserable and if it was all worth it. I feel so sorry for ladies who suffer so bad and end up hospitalised when really they should ne enjoying their pregnancies. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

  12. This sounds awful. All 3 of my pregnancies I felt nauseous all day every day but that was nothing compared to this! I always think that women who suffer with HG are some of the bravest people I know #MarvMondays

  13. My mother suffered with that when she was pregnant with me. Of course it was a long time ago and she wasn’t offered any medication or treatment. Luckily I did not have that problem. #MarvMondays

  14. I’ve had the same experience though it did not progress to HG. Not too many understand this illness and even doctors have mistaken this as a natural pregnancy symptom. I support Zoe in the hopes of doing research for this kind of condition. Glad to know the pregnancy went out just fine.

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