1. Some great tips there! I was like you when I had L, ended up with emergency section and in for a week so ended up not being fully prepared! Should there be a second time for me, I’ll definitely out things in Ziploc bags, my OH couldn’t find anything in my bags!

  2. Oh wow so organised! And I love the idea of a ziplock bags for saving space and making things easier to find too. That penguin blanket is adorable!

  3. Sounds like you are all set hun….can’t wait for #coolmumclub baby 2!!!! Thanks for linking up and wishing you all the best from all of us at #coolmumclub xoxo

  4. This reminded me of when I packed for my hospital bag a few years back. I wished I had read something like this back then, I definitely had a few things I was missing and wish I had! Good thing we didn’t live far from the hospital, so hubby was able to nip home and get it. #coolmumclub

  5. Great idea taking extra bags in the car! I had to stay in longer with my first and telling my other half what to bring could get complicated! A must for me both times was big knickers! #bumpsbabies

  6. Great list and I love the idea of putting them in ziplock bags. I must remember this time to pack clothes for myself to come home in which I totally forgot last time so ended up coming home in my PJ’s. I think I’m going to be a bit more prepared with snacks this time as the hospital vending machines are ridiculously priced and poor choice #bumpsandbabies

  7. Hannah | Make, Do & Push

    You look very prepared and all set for baby number 2! I love the cord tie 🙂 and your bag is gorgeous! xx

  8. All set and so exciting. I need to start thinking about hospital bag this time earlier than last my second baby came a month earlier I had nothing prepared hahahaha Can’t wait to read all about baby Thank you ever so much for linking up to #BumpsBabies

  9. Thank you Abi for sharing What’s in My Hospital Bag for An Elective Caesarean? post. A Great list and so organized. 😉

    What was your must have item in your bag?

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