1. Eeek exciting! Good luck with it all! I remember nesting instinct kicked in massively with my first and second time around I was waiting and waiting for it to kick in and it never did. I could have done with the extra motivation tbh haha! x

  2. Oh I remember this feeling well with my second. Our nursery looked just the same and became a dumping ground for all the stuff until I hit about 30 weeks and actually shifted myself into gear. It’s fab you’ve got so organised and got a list already – I think you’ll manage it.

  3. Hannah | Make, Do & Push

    Ooh yes! I remember nesting well 🙂 Thankfully we’d just moved into our new house and we had so much to do, so my nesting instinct was well and truly sated! xx

  4. I cheated and moved into a new build home about 4 months before we had our first so there really wasn’t much to clean. That being said I did go a bit crazy and was frantically digging the garden the day before I went into labour At 42 wks! Good luck with your plan and happy nesting lovely. I hope you get chance to rest too! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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