Your #timestotreasure – Week 1

Thank you for your lovely comments on my Times To Treasure post last week. It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to sharing with you tomorrow what we got up to this weekend!

Thank you to everyone who joined in my Instagram community and shared your photos using the hashtag #timestotreasure.

We had some wonderful photos shared of your fabulous summer moments and I’ve loved looking at all your family moments.

My own favourite #timestotreasure moment this week was this photo of Alfie walking in his first pair of shoes. Getting your first pair of shoes is such a special moment in your lives, and I think this photo really captures both Alfie’s and mine and Craig’s joy!

First shoes

Alfie trying out his first pair of shoes

I’d really love to grow the community and would love it if you could continue to use and share the hashtag #timestotreasure.

Here is a round up of my favourites this this week – please do go and have a look at their lovely Instagram accounts:






 Come back next week to see some more #timestotreasure moments.

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