Times To Treasure – Week 2

This weekend has been quite eventful! I was lucky that my weekend started on Friday so we’ve had lots of #timestotreasure.

I took Friday off work so that I could attend the summer party of my baby Sing and Sign group. We aways had such a fab time at our baby group and I really miss it now I’m back at work. So when the summer party date was released I immediately booked it off work!!

It was a lovely morning – we had a sing and sign session and Alfie loved joining in and trying to do all the signs. I bought a dvd on the day Alfie and I can still practice at home.

Sing and Sign

Alfie loving Sing and Sign class

It was also so great to see the Sing and Sign mummies! I met such a lovely group of ladies so it was so nice to catch up with them and see what they’ve been up since I last saw them. We went for a picnic in the park afterwards so we could have a proper catch up.

My friend was then meeting her friend for a drink and invited me along.  She had just had a baby so I jumped at the chance to have baby cuddles!!

Baby cuddles

Big.smile on my face having baby cuddles….Alfie not particularly bothered by me holding another baby!

We had plans on Saturday to visit Craig’s family for a bbq. Unfortunately I woke up Saturday morning really ill 🙁 so I wasn’t able to go. I thought it would be better to stay and rest as we had a christening on Sunday so I wanted to feel better for that.  Craig took Alfie with his parents though and they had a great time! I got sent lots of photos of them having fun which really cheered me up. I also got a 3 hour nap which made me feel so much better!


Alfie having fun at the family bbq

On Sunday we had our nephew’s Christening. Craig and I were honoured to be asked to be godparents as well. It was such a lovely service. Alfie was very well behaved, sitting with his Grandad and Nanny Jones while we did our duties at the front of the church.


All dressed up for a lovely occassion

We then went back to Craig’s brother’s house for tea and cake. We were very lucky with the weather and it was sunny for the most part. It was great to see all the family (especially as I’d missed out seeing them on Saturday!) and tea and cake always goes down well!

Christening fun

Alfie having fun after the christening!

We had another very successful weekend and I’m pleased that we have another day off to enjoy together now. Although Daddy is at work, Alfie and I will be having lots of fun together!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their #timestotreasure moments with me on Instagram. I love looking at your fabulous family moments so please do share, share, share!

See you next week for more #timestotreasure moments 🙂

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