1. Well said. We definitely see ourselves as equal when it comes to parenting. My partner works full time and I’m on a career break to be a SAHM but when it comes down to it we are both providing for our family in one way or another, when he’s at home he is completely hands on. Men are totally parents and not babysitters. It seems more normal these days for dads to be dads and not just money providers! x

  2. Very well said! I used to work with a male who would often say I’m babysitting the kids tonight. You mean your looking after your children? I am not a babysitter I’m a mother! I think a lot of men still think that the women should be the one looking after the children but I am hearing of more stay at home Dads now and I think it is so lovely ox

  3. My ex used to refer to looking after the kids as babysitting – grr!! Ed often says he would love to be a stay at home dad, and although I actually don’t enjoy it, I also don’t think I’d enjoy being the sole breadwinner. This was a really interesting topic to read about, and I’m glad that you are a strong team, as I am with Ed – the way it should be! x

  4. Yes! My husband is just the same – raising our daughter is both of our responsibilities and we both take it as seriously as each other. My grandad also never changed a nappy; I’m so glad we’ve moved on from those times!

  5. Aw sounds like Craig is a great dad, it’s great that he’s so hands on! I’d hate to leave my little one but I know it will come one day, although I’m not sure my other half would have dinner on the table and the house would definitely not be tidy, ha!

  6. My partner is the same when he is actually home he is not scared to change a nappy we share the duties 50/50 as much as we can. I also think that it is horrible that people always think that the partners don’t do anything when surely everything should be team work. This is a great thing to be teaching little ones as well that there are not roles which we only do because we are male or female.

    Charlotte x

  7. You sound like a totally awesome unit -a proper team. I think finding the right set up is such a unique thing for every family…for me we were much more balanced when I returned to work with one baby…but second baby and redundancy threw us a whole different scenario! We’re still rolling with the punches and whilst our domestic duties aren’t equal, we have a mutual respect for the roles each other provides… and he is a brilliant Dad and husband.
    Thanks so much for sharing with #coolmumclub

  8. Could not agree with your more Abi. We are a 50/50 household here on everything and I loved going back to work. One of the reasons I couldn’t watch shows like One Born Every Minute because they edited them to make the Dads look useless. My husband is my team mate from labour, to toddling to the school years we’re now in. LOVE the pictures. x x

  9. Sounds like you make an amazing team! My husband works and I stay home, he does help with the kids and he cooks and cleans too. Obviously I do my share too, we make a pretty good team too I think, If one of us is struggling the other helps in anyway they can to lighten to load. I totally agree that Dad’s don’t babysit xx #BlogCrush

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