1. Aww I think we all feel a bit like this. It’s kinda why I wrote my January round up post, because I felt like there was nothing to show for the month, when actually there have been some positives too. Hope you find your mojo soon! xxx

  2. I agree it’s important to spend some time apart to feel more you again. I am kind of dreading going back to work this July but I am also looking forward to earning money again as it’s financially very hard at the moment with me not at work x

  3. You’re not alone. I agree it’s important to have time apart and to have your own time and space to realise you’re more than just an employee, wife, mother and friend. Good luck for 2017, I hope you achieve all three of your goals!

  4. January was a long old month wasn’t it. I’m not a big resolution fan as I think we all know where we want to be and things we need to do to achieve them! Goals are great, hope you get them 🙂

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