What Do You Know About The Importance of Stem Cells?

What do you know about the importance of stem cells?  If someone had asked me that question a few weeks ago, I would have said not a lot – in fact, very little.  I knew that it was something to that could be collected from your baby’s umbilical cord, and then used for medical reasons in the future, but I didn’t know how it was done or the real importance behind it.

What Are Stem Cells and How Are They Used?

Stem cells serve as a repair and maintenance system for other body cells by multiplying and transforming in to blood, bone, tissue and organ cells, when they need to. Smart Cells store stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood and tissue. A cord blood stem cell transplant can be used to replace diseased cells with healthy new cells, and rebuild a person’s blood and immune system.  It has also been found that cord blood stem cells are able to form other tissues in the body too.  There has also been considerable potential found in using cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine. Cord blood cells have been shown to be capable of developing into a range of cell types such as nerve, bone, skin and heart.  It is hoped that these medical advances will have a huge impact on the future of early treatment for certain conditions and diseases.

Smart Cells and Netmums have joined together to create this excellent video about the power of saving your baby’s cord cells.

With baby number 2 on the way, this has really made me think about the process and whether it’s something we should look in to.

Have you ever considered this, or know anyone who has done it?

The video in this post was created and provided by Netmums and Smart Cells.

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