Home: The Aftermath

If you saw my post last week, you will have seen that we’ve moved into our new home! We’ve finally ditched the rented market and have officially become homeowners!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be in our own home, knowing that we can do what we want without having to ask someone elses permission. As most people who have bought a new property do, we have lots of plans and ideas of what we want to do. Some of them grand, like converting the garage and fitting a new bathroom, and some of them small, like filling in the holes on the wall and giving the place a good old scrubbing (it’s filthy at the moment!). But as with anything, you need money to do all these things, and with the boiler not looking good at the moment, we need to slow down, be sensible and write a list of the must dos, might dos, and dream plans for the future!

Surrounded by boxes!

The very first thing we need to do is unpack! You would not believe how much crap we have! I started to have a good clear out as ee were packing, but as with everything in my life, we left it too late and ended up just chucking things in boxes to be sorted when we got to the other side.

We only had a few days off work to move and clean the old flat, so there was no time left to do much with the new house, hence the living out of boxes situation.

Saying goodbye to our old flat

Lack of furniture is a problem at the moment – we need new wardrobes and a chest of drawers, plus a bedside table. I’d also quite like some toy storage in the lounge eventually to hide all of Alfie’s toys!  Oh, and someone please tell Craig to let me buy some new sofas!!!!

Alfie seems unfazed by the new house.  He’s loving the “gargen” and the fact we now have an upstairs and downstairs (must get a stair gate fitted downstairs now!!) but doesn’t seem to be worried by the move at all.  The only thing he doesn’t like is the bath for some reason, but I’m hoping he’ll overcome this pretty soon!

Alfie’s first look at the new house

But, however stressful the aftermath is, it doesn’t matter. We’re in. And it’s ours. And we have the rest of our lives to argue about what goes where, which room gets painted first, and who’s job it is to go downstairs for Alfie’s milk in the morning!

We honestly couldn’t be happier right now, and can’t wait for all our adventures ahead – I’ll warn you, there’s going to be a lot of house spam coming up!!


  1. Awesome to see some pics. Best thing about owning your own house is knowing that you never have to move house again unless you choose to!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

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