1. Solange

    Swaddle them, give them a massage, play “white noise”, reduce outside stimulation, provide warmth, pedal their legs or adjust their diet.

  2. Tracy Nixon

    Make sure you bring up your baby’s wind properly and try carring them around in the upright position for a little while after feeding – a sling is a good way to do this so you can get on with chores at the same time!

  3. Lindsey Stuart

    When my little girl suffered from colic I used to give her a baby massage and it worked wonderfully, it really soothed her symptoms.

  4. kelly wheelhouse

    make sure the baby has been burped well and massage the tummy to help everything settle. I’ve used infacol which has worked wonders with my little boy. Also lots of cuddles and gentle rocking can help calm the crying

  5. Harriet Gibson

    For mum -Patience and deep breaths, the crying will stop, you are doing great!
    For baby – infacol, lots of winding after bottle and raising the crib at the head end by a couple of inches

  6. Fiona Johnstone

    My son had bad colic and I used Infacol. It really helped. But I always tried massage first and gentle shoogling while I walked round the room. Me singing too, just in a quiet voice seemed to help as well.

  7. Amy Briscoe

    I haven’t needed to use Infacol yet as I’m sill pregnant with my first but I can imagine it will be needed at some point!

  8. Charlotte Hoskins

    My friend’s little boy had colic from when he was a few weeks old and Infacol was a life saver for them teamed with a slower flow bottle

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