1. Funnily enough we had this exact discussion at work yesterday. My colleague said she always feels sorry for her little boy being at nursery I’m this heat as the rooms are small and often all of the children are just sleeping when she arrives to collect him. I told her that Baby Lighty had gone to the beach with the childminder!! She said she thought that was a massive pro, which it is, but as you say the holiday cover is a huge con. Unfortunately our nursery wouldn’t hold a space for us, as you know. Having said that, I think it has helped him enormously to be socialising with older children. His speech and imagination has really come on since he’s been there. Unfortunately no matter what you do, I think there will always be pros, cons and mummy guilt!!

    • We’re very lucky that Alfie’s nursery is on a farm so he gets to go outside every day and do lots of different things! But I can definitely see how a childminder works for lots of people. Either way, like you say, we’ll have mummy guilt!

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