1. Yeah Momma! Woohoo!! Think you explanation was clearer than mine lol. Thank you for sharing! Us babywewring mummies have got to stick together and support one another not tear one another down when the others around us want to do just that.

  2. Mandy

    Well executed. I loved watching people struggle with buggies at a recent festival I went to. While I smugly ‘made’ my daughter comfy and warm on me. ?

  3. Very well said! I don’t think I’d slot myself into any particular parenting niche – we tried babywearing because I had a snuggle monster of a baby, but it never really worked for us out and about. Godsend when it came to painting the house though. I don’t understand the need to berate parents for choices, unless that choice is to blend up Maccy D’s for baby’s first solids, tbh… #dreamteam

  4. I really do try hard to ignore such ignorance. They know spouting utter nonsense and winding up their viewers will just increase ratings, I dont want to give them that satisfaction! But yeah, it’s infuriating!!! Katie xx

  5. Love this! Nothing more natural than keeping your baby/toddler close to mummy!! For so many reasons!!! Western culture has slowly destroyed motherly instinct!!!!

  6. Well said!! I don’t overly baby wear as I have a bad back and struggle to do so but the way this was handled was all wrong. I co-slept with all my children and would do with a fourth baby as it calms me and them. There is no ‘right’ age to do these things until, it depends on you and your child! x

  7. Oh my goodness I am seething. I missed this as I cannot stand to watch the absolute tosh these women talk, not only are the often sexist, chauvinistic and obnoxious they’re so bloody rude. Women are meant to build each other up and they seem to delight in the opposite. Couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    Emily x

  8. OH WOW! What a fantastic post. I didn’t see the segment on the show myself (I don’t watch it regularly and when I’d seen someone mention it, I was too late to the party) BUT You are absolutely 10000% right in what you have said here. Honestly, I couldn’t have written any letter as well as this. It’s wrong that when topics are up for debate (which a lot are, there’s bottle vs breast, co sleeping, cloth vs disposable nappies, gentle parenting and crying it out etc etc.) they’re always discussed very negatively, or at most, biased. People don’t give others a chance to defend their corners, we’re not even getting our backs up, just wanting our say, until things like this happen on a national television show. It really frustrates me that all I’m hearing at the moment, are supposedly respectable celebrities slating parents and mothers & fathers for their choices. Everyone is allowed their own choice on anything, it is a parent’s prerogative & decision whatever they choose to do and I fear this will all change as things are spoken about and discussed in such a manner. Loved this post <3

  9. Great post!! I love baby wearing with my little boy. IT’s not about holding him back or keeping him dependent on me, it’s about us having that time to bond together, it’s a way to keep him calm when we’re out and it’s far easier at times than using the buggy! We would never have made it through the first few months if it hadn’t been for the carrier (especially doing the grocery shop) and I don’t want to stop now!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Grrrr… I didn’t see it but man I’d be livid too. Totally irresponsibly and the lack of impartiality is frightening. These women need to take some responsibility – they have a massive influence (sadly) and really they having a flipping clue half the time. #DreamTeam

  11. Very well said! They clearly hadn’t done any research, and the way they spoke about was wrong. It wasn’t even like they was showing different ways of parenting it was making baby wearers of toddlers out to be wrong!
    Tara x

  12. Zan Critchley

    Well done you for writing this. I am proud to say that I babywear and choose it over a buggy on most occasions. I used to like this program on occasions, but this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth now. I hope that Loose Women backtrack on this one and give it the fair stage it is due.

  13. I didnt see this but sounds about par for the course on Loose Women or Loose Slags as my husband calls it. WTF do they know about baby wearing anyway? I’ve never had a sling but totally see the benefits and I’m sure when kids are of walking age they will be encouraged to walk but hey presto the sling is there when you need it and withouy the hassle of carting a puschair round. Stupid cows!! #bestandworst

  14. I watched this live on Monday and whilst I don’t baby wear and never had, I felt really sorry for the Mum who was singled out in this way and basically chastised. It’s not fair. Why are we in this era where belittling mums and their choices is OK? We should be supporting one anothers decisions not judging them. It’s sad and it makes me angry. Great post and I hope someone in the Loose Women team reads it. #bestandworst

  15. Well said hun! I’m not much of a baby wearer myself but I can’t abide the judgement and excuse for Mum’s to feel rubbish about themselves again for a decision they make for their kids. We are all different and as long as the kids and happy and healthy – who cares? Thanks for sharing a great post with #bestandworst x

  16. Ahh I saw this and it made me mad too. You have put it all brilliantly, where was the other side to this debate? To me it just felt like a group of women ganging up on a mother who is simply doing something that works for her and her family..why should it bother anyone else? I didn’t babywear my first son but I have been wearing my baby in a wrap since he was 2 weeks and I will do so until he’s ready to stop. My eldest is 3 and a half and there have been many times I’ve wished I had a sling for him because when he gets tired of walking it means we have to carry him on our hips/shoulders/back and this is hard work. Also, there is no forcing a child of that age to do anything, if the child in the sling in that photo didn’t want to be in there then there’s no way his mum could have forced him. Great post lovely, will be sharing xx #bestandworat

  17. I’m astounded that anyone could even think to criticise this! What does it matter what age you baby wear? Surely this more convenient for others anyhow as you don’t have a pushchair taking up space or a small child running around?!

  18. I didn’t see it, but it doesn’t surprise me. TBH, as long as it’s working for you and your family, what does it matter?! (We tried a baby sling and it just didn’t work for us so we passed it onto a friend. They loved it). #bestandworst

  19. I don’t know of this show but as a woman and a mother, it’s saddening to see this type of “mom-shaming” happening…from other women, at that. Very well written letter.

    How ridiculous is it that you even have to defend baby wearing? I did with my kid (she’s now 10), and I did with my nephew (5 months) this past summer when home to visit. It’s convenient and I know I absolutely loved looking down at my nephew when we spent the afternoon shopping with his mom.

    Anyway, again…GREAT letter and I hope that it lands all around the bloggysphere! Will be sure to share it myself. #bestandworst

  20. Very well said. It really annoys me everything has to be sensationalised these days. They clearly didn’t read the article properly and just jumped on the headline. I don’t have a sling or a carrier because my youngest never liked them (although my oldest did). She likes to walk everywhere and will avoid the pushchair at all costs. Sometimes the walking gets too much for her little legs and she needs a carry for a while before going down and continuing. I have never once heard anyone saying that this is wrong but what is the difference? She is still being carried whether it’s in a sling or in my arms. I don’t get this need to tear mothers down for the choices they make about how to raise THEIR children, we should be supporting each other instead x

  21. Binal

    I love this letter; I hope you sent it! Awful segment on the show; they need to get their facts right and actually read the article. They made out as if the poor mum wears her four year old all day, every day.

  22. I’m so glad a didn’t watch it, I’d have been fuming. You’re right, the term ‘pack pony’ is disgraceful for starters. Clearly none of these people have any experience with the act of baby wearing. I carry my son in a wrap, not all the time anymore due to a herniated disc but if it wasn’t I’d carry him a lot more. I don’t understand the problem. Whats the difference between carrying in a wrap/sling/carrier to going on shoulders or being carried in your arms? Loose women’s going down the pan big time anyway, that’s why I wasn’t even watching in the first place. Well said! #CoolMumClub

  23. OMG I can’t believe they said that! I literally have no words. Well done for writing this and thanks for sharing this with #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  24. I didn’t see the segment of Loose Women you refer to, mainly because I lost all respect for that programme years ago, but I can just guess the sort of comments that were made. I wish they could meet my daughter who was carried till she was 3.5, breastfed till 4.5 and now at 5 talks to anyone and everyone and walks 20 minutes to school every day (and back) without *too much* fuss. As for me ‘not letting go’? She was a preschooler for goodness sake, what was I meant to be doing, sending her out to work??!

  25. YESSS!! GREAT POST!! They sat and did the thing they said people shouldn’t do, they mum slated!! awful programme, full of negative bitching and moaning for an hour!


  26. This is amazing… in a massive f*** you to Loose Women, all this talk of toddler wearing has actually made me consider wearing mine! I genuinely didn’t think that it was still possible to carry him at 2 and a half years. My eyes have been opened and Im all for it! <3 #coolmumclub

  27. Goodness, I didn’t see this programme but I can imagine how it must have made you feel. I’d be interested if you got a response back from the production team because I hope you sent the letter to them too #CoolMumCLub

  28. I hadnt heard of baby wearing until the end of my pregnancy when a friend introduced it to me and then gifted me with one at my baby shower. I used it when baby was little to do housework and at times to ease car space as i didnt need to lug a buggy around.
    He is 8 months now and although he loves his buggy, there are times when he doesnt want to be kept in and holding him just gets too much so a sling actually for me spreads the weight around my back and is better than holding him at an angle!
    For these reasons, when a little one is tired and the buggy just isnt suitable where you are – who gives a flying F*** if you have them in a sling or not? Oh sorry that will be the Loose Women and their production team! #coolmumclub

  29. *applauds* Well said! As a babywearing mother I can assure the production team that I’m not a pony!! I wore my daughter regularly until 18 months when my pregnant belly just got in the way (she always hated back carrying) and still wear her on occasion when we’re out all day and her legs get too tired, afterall she’s only 2!! Or am I supposed to push round a double buggy ‘ just in case ‘ or try take a pram through woods adventuring just because it’s more normal.

    I use a ring sling, a stretchy, a buckled sling, a pram and on occasion a buggy because they all serve different needs for different children at different times….bad bad bad journalism! Maybe they’ll affiliated with the daily mail afterall…..

  30. I totally agree with you here – it isn’t a debate if everyone talking about it thinks the same, it’s an attack. There should be opinions from both sides. I don’t watch this show because to be honest watching grown woman sit around bitching about people isn’t my thing and I know I would only end up angry every day lol
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  31. I haven’t actually seen the show, or actually experienced baby wearing for that matter, but I honestly wish I had invested in a sling as my two year old is now refusing his pushchair but gets tired after a while (understandably) so I spend half of my journeys carrying him in my arms anyway! I just think it sounds like a really practical solution! What is going on with Loose Women? Surely they should be supporting mums, not tearing us apart? Very well said. #coolmumclub xx

  32. Mom-hating REALLY irks me. First of all, who CARES how a mom chooses to get her child from point A to point B? There are lots of reasons why a mom may end up “wearing” her kid. As you mentioned, the kid may just be plain TIRED. Moms have been carrying their tired kids for centuries in their arms. How is wearing a contraption designed to make that easier for the parent any different? I have 4-year-old twins, both of whom are fairly tall. They don’t *exactly* fit in their BOB stroller, but I don’t care. Sometimes when we’re walking to a friend’s house in an adjoined neighborhood, I’ll bring the stroller. For me, it’s because I am predicting they will play their hearts out and be really tired at the end. I’d rather them enjoy extra time with their friends. With all that said, I shouldn’t have to make any excuses for not having my kids walk, and neither should any parent! #DreamTeam

  33. I just don’t watch shows like that as they are just there to barb people, rather than beat down mums people should be praised and supportive in making choices that are right for them. I think you put across your point beautifully, do what feels right for you. What makes you comfortable. My five year old walks everywhere but if he is tired I will piggyback him. Is that wrong too? You stick to your guns lovely #fortheloveofBLOG

  34. Brilliantly written. Not seen the show in years as I now live abroad but I know there are strong personalities in the show (nothing wrong with that) and I can imagine how overbearing and insensitive their manner must have been given what you’ve described (everything wrong with that). As you said, there are so many parenting choices. It’s bizarre they ridiculed this.

    • Thank you so much! It was one of those topics that just got my blood boiling – fair enough having an opinion, but can you really have an opinion on something you’ve never done? I’m not sure….thanks for your comment 🙂

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