1. I wonder if it’s an age thing too? As do you remember that I posted in our group that we were having terrible trouble settling Baby Lighty and he was waking more in the night? And I commented on your post that he could eat for England? These babies just like to keep us on our toes!! xxx

    • I definitely do think he must be going through some changes – he’s been in our bed the last 2 nights after a month of sleeping through and I actually checked the wonder weeks app for the first time in months to see that it stopped monitoring about 6 months ago!!! I am more content with going with the flow though and just helping him through whatever issues he’s having even if I don’t know what they are! Xx

  2. Being flexible is the key to parenting little ones, because as you say their patterns are constantly changing. Wait until he’s teen and you can’t get him out of his bedroom except when food is on offer 😉 #bestandworst x

    • Ha, I keep saying I can’t wait till he’s a teenager as I might get some sleep then – and I promise not to be a mum who nags their child to get out of bed!! We’ll see how that ones pans out….thanks for your comment.

  3. It’s always good to be flexible. when mine were younger we’d have a routine, but you have to remember to change it when needed, babies grow and change and you have to change the way you care for them too.

  4. Too true – although a routine can be good sometimes a good shake up is whats needed and the time when we’ve seen a big step change has always been from a bit of a shake up! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  5. Routine is great but you are so right. You have to move with the stages your children go through. We are just entering the age where the eldest wants to stay up and to be honest we probably need to adjust and realise 7pm isn’t cut off to ‘adult time’ any more. Might see how much longer I can get away with it though, ha x

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