5 Ways to Revamp Your Bathroom with Harrogate Bathroom Showroom

You may remember we moved in to our current house on the day we found out we were pregnant with Henry. This means that we haven’t done much in terms of doing up the house as 1) we haven’t had the time and 2) we haven’t had the money. However, now we are settled with both the house and the kids, we are starting to think about how we can add our own stamp on the place – starting with the bathroom. So here are 5 ways to revamp your bathroom:

1) Update your taps and shower head

If you want to change the look of your bathroom without having to put in a whole new suite, look at getting new taps on the bath and sink, and a new shower head. The fresh stainless steel will give your bathroom a whole new look and can update it with minimal effort and cost.

2) Give it a lick of paint
If you have painted walls, the best way to freshen up is to change your colour scheme! By simply running a roller of paint over your walls, you can change the whole look of your bathroom and create a stunning new design for the price of a tin of paint.

3) Change the tiles
Changing the colour or design of the wall and/or the floor tiles can instantly transform your bathroom. This may be a bigger job, but you can make a big impact on the design of your bathroom by putting in a bit of effort. You can get innovative design inspiration for your bathroom from Harrogate Bathroom Showroom for maximum effect.

4) Update your Shower Screen
Replacing your shower screen can improve the whole look of your bathroom. If you live in a hard water area like we do, your shower screen can get a build up of limescale which is difficult to remove and thus make your bathroom look old and in need of refreshing quite quickly. A simple thing like replacing the shower screen can add a really lovely update to even the most tired of bathrooms.

5) Accessories
If you want to update your bathroom without spending a fortune, you can give it a whole new look through a few simple accessories. A nice set of shelves with thick fluffy towels, a candle and a beautiful hanging plant could really breathe some new life in to a bathroom in desperate need of an update.

I hope these tips give you a range of things to try – from the small and cheap, to the extravagant and effective, there’s something everyone can do to breathe a little bit of life back in to your bathroom this new year!

*Disclosure: this post is in collaboration with Harrogate Bathroom Showroom*

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