• So true – it definitely just makes me laugh now, and I know people don’t mean any offence by it! I pretty much say all this stuff to other mums with big babies, so I’m just as bad! Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. Aww how cute is he? My third baby was a tiny 6lb4oz and you do get comments the other way round. People presume he was born prematurely but he wasn’t, although there may have been something wrong with my umbilical cord. It’s been hard with clothes because he didn’t fit any of the clothes we had so we had to buy more, only for him now to have outgrown them and skipped the newborn ones. This was a brilliant post! x

    • Aww that is dinky! I can imagine it is harder to buy clothes for smaller babies because they may not go down smaller enough – at least I can always buy the next size up (or three sizes up as I often have to do ha!) Thanks for reading x

  2. I totally get the “chunky” comments! Henry started out teeny 9th percentile and is now around the 60th! Everyone says he’s heaby, but I love them rolls!

  3. This is my life. Although Edith started out at 8lb 7oz which people still think is huge (it’s really not) and she’s been on the 98tg percentile and for the last 8 months she’s off the chart. She was and is breastfed and I have had every single one of these comments. I almost want to scream she’s big I know get over it! People are annoying aren’t they!

    Great post. Now going to share it everywhere!


    • Alfie was 10lb 3oz born, so he was massive and on the 98th percentile, but then continued to go up and down between 91st and 98th. I now have no idea what he weighs, other than A LOT! He was 28lbs at his last weigh in at 15 months, which is more than my friends 3 year old! I do sometimes want to say to people that I never noticed how big he is….as sometimes they just really overstate the obvious! Thank you for reading and sharing 🙂 x

  4. I love baby rolls – adorable! Neither of my two were particularly large (the biggest being 8lb4oz at birth) but I think you definitely get comments no matter what size your baby is. People keep asking me if baby is getting enough milk (I breastfeed) because she ‘doesn’t look any bigger’ than a few weeks ago. *sigh*

    • I would totally agree with this – I have friends with small babies who get similar comments at the other end of the scale. I was constantly asked if I was perhaps giving him “too much milk” but I’m sure if I didn’t feed him when he screamed, I’d be accused of starving the poor boy! I can imagine when you are breastfeeding it hard to hear the “getting enough” comments though, as you know they are but can’t exactly “prove” it.

  5. Oh my god YES! My first son was 9lb 13 and the amount of times I was told my second would be bigger, imagine everyone’s shock and my absolute delight when my second was 6lb5!

    Loved this
    Emily xxx

  6. I’m so guilty of gasping in disbelief when I hear that a big baby is exclusively breastfed! LOL It’s just that in the past, most chubby babies were formula fed. I’m still baffled as to how things to have been the other way around these days!

  7. I’m afraid my little girl was a tiddler when she was born (she’s doing her best to correct this) so I had completely the opposite reaction. Lots of people telling me I shouldn’t have her out at such a young age when she was a couple of months old, comments by people about how delicate she is or how their babies were never that small. You just can’t win, can you? #dreamteam

  8. The breastfeeding point is so true! My daughter was 5lb 12 when she was born and fed constantly and was 9lb by 5 weeks! I also have heard non stop from people how they couldn’t breastfeed because they had big, hungry babies!

  9. Kelly billings

    I get this all the time! Literally everyday!! “oh wow, he is a big boy! Shouldn’t he be walking by now?” It’s probably because he is too heavy!! The list is endless!!! I swear people look at me and think “what are you feeding him”. Like I’m going to put him on a diet haha! He is a happy chunky chap so whose cares!

  10. My son was born at 10 lbs 4 oz and then my youngest was born at 6 lbs 14 ozs, opposite ends of the spectrum. My eldest I obviously got most, if not all of these comments but I also get them with my youngest and he is only at the 50th percentile. These is literally no winning. #dreamteam

  11. Ha ha, my daughter was 9lb14 so I’ve heard all of these too. Someone asked before Christmas when she was turning 2 – um, in 8 months time! She started walking at 10 months but nobody batted an eyelid because she looked like she was well over one already!

    • I was saying to my friend the other day that I’m going to have to battle to get him free entry at places that are under 2s soon because he looks so much older than that! I might have to start carrying his birth certificate around ha!

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