1. You are definitely rocking motherhood! Especially with the whole making decisions that is best for you and your child. I get really annoyed at the amount of “advice” I get given by people who have no idea what works for my daughter, so I just do what is right for her. 🙂

  2. Love it! And love all your points! We did “extended” breastfeeding too, until Lily was 18months and the amount of people who said horrible remarks or turned their noses up, especially women at my work who hadn’t had children themselves was shocking! But I also feel proud of it! You are definitely rocking motherhood! And that costume is just so cute!

  3. Completely agree – my little girl’s nursery is fab, she gets to try lots of exciting new activities and food, and interact with lots of other children. Definitely think it’s been really good for her. #DreamTeam

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