1. Great post Abi.
    Nice to hear it from the customer perspective.

    On average from Mortgage Application to Offer it’s taking 5-10 days with us. Feedback from customers is that this really is a quick turnaround and saves them a lot of worry and stress.

    Glad you understand the true benefit of a Mortgage Broker rather than going direct also.

    Whole of market is key and really does save customers a lot of money by finding the most cost effective deals often without costing a fortune for the privilege.
    We often search upto 2500 different deals across the uk for customers which is simply not achievable without a brokers help. (Imagine trying to do that research yourself).

    Beautiful new home you have for you and your little (growing) family. X


  2. Ahhh congratulations how exciting there is so much to get through when buying a house but it really is the best thing when you move in hope you’ll be really happy there! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub hon xoxo

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