A Big Bedroom for a Big Brother

Since becoming a big brother, there have been a lot of changes for Alfie.  Whilst he hasn’t had to move rooms, he’s had to give up his bed and furniture to transfer it to the nursery for Henry.  He has got a new bed, that we were luckily given by a family member and he’s got a built in wardrobe, but currently his room is just a mess and he pretty much can only use it for sleeping (not that he even does that, considering he ends up in our bed most nights!)  I don’t mind at all that he still comes in our bed, but Craig and I have discussed if he would more likely want to stay in his bed if he has more of a fun and stylish bedroom – that’s why we’re discussing designing a big bedroom for a big brother!

Alfie room is pretty boring at the moment.  There’s no “theme” and it hasn’t been touched since we moved in.  Although the walls are a nice blue colour, and were painted just before we moved in, it’s not very fun for a 2 year old.  I have to admit I’ve never been hugely on board with having a character themed room as kids change their minds so much about what they like, but my husband would love Alfie to have a superhero themed room.  He has suggested some brightly coloured walls which would probably work quite well under any theme, and then having accessories to make it superhero themed.  Doing it this way, we can change the “theme” at a later date quite cheaply if we wanted to.

Alfie does have a double bed, which most 2 year old don’t, but he just treats it like a big trampoline every night and it’s a nightmare to get him to sleep!  So the first thing I’d change is his bed.  Having considered different options, we’d likely buy a midsleeper bed from Children’s Bed Shop.  There are so many different options – he could have a tent underneath, or a slide attached, I love the idea of having a bed that is more than just a bed!  It would also be handy for us as parents to have some extra space under his bed for him to have some toys so that he can enjoy his bedroom a bit more as part of a fun space.

There is a built in wardrobe, so we don’t need to worry about any other furniture, although I’d like to kit this out properly with more shelves and rails to add a bit of organisation to the cupboard.  Currently it’s mostly filled with my dresses, so I’d need to get rid of those too (and persuade hubby that I DO need a bigger wardrobe!)  I think we could make this area really fun by adding some superhero logos to the doors.  We could even paint inside the wardrobe or add superhero themed hangers for that extra fun touch.

Accessorising the room would be really easy – or really hard because I have so many ideas!!  I made Alfie a Marvel themed tepee for his first birthday, so that would be a great feature for his room.  I’d love to have a little reading area, with that in the corner and then colourful book shelves with superheroes sitting on the shelves (Craig already has a collection of the POP models, so these would look great!)  Alfie could have a cute little dressing up rail for his costumes too which would be fun!  He currently has a lovely wooden toybox that I made him but it’s themed for his old nursery so I feel like it would be nice to have a new one themed for his new room!

Nursery accessories

We have slowly started decorating the house now we’ve been here nearly 10 months, starting with our bedroom and then Henry’s nursery, so it feels right that the next room we do should be Alfie’s.  Hopefully we can start on it in the summer and he’ll have a big boy’s bedroom soon!

*This is a collaborative post*

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