1. Sounds like you had such a good weekend! I had my hen weekend at a centre parcs and it was such good fun! Well done on the getting organised too and all of the breast pumping, can’t have been easy! #coolmumclub

    • Thankfully it wasn’t too heavy – I haven’t had a hangover for 18 months, I’m too scared now to get one!! But the breastfeeding puts that on hild for the moment anyway ha I had 7 hours uninterrupted sleep though, so for that reason it’s the best hen I’ve been on ?? thanks for hosting xx

  2. Coming to you from #coolmumclub today! I think you did fabulously with this, it’s hard enough organising to go away when you’ve got a baby, let alone when you’ve got to pump too! I’d never thought about the fact that you wouldn’t know how much he takes each feed and would have to research…obviously for me I know that Baby Lighty takes 2 x 8oz and 2 x 6oz bottles a day, but if I was breastfeeding I wouldn’t know that… Glad you had a good time away! Xxx

    • Thanks for stopping by! It was tough but I had such a great time! I know, it was a bit of a minefield and I was panicking so much about not leaving enough milk, what if Daddy ran out??? But thankfully it all went well. The next hurdle is Aunty ZoZo having him for the wedding – I’ll update how that goes!! Xx

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend lovely. It’s always good for father and baby to bond and for mother to have a break! And also the other way round. Well done on the expressing lovely.
    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

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