Living Arrows – 4/53 (2018)

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

The Living Arrows linky is run by Donna of What The Redhead Said. It’s a weekly linky where you share a photo of your child/children from the week before. I’m aiming to join in every week so I can have a full 53 posts (hopefully) by the end of the year.

My first week of maternity leave wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped. I’d forgotten how limiting it can be when you’re 8 months pregnant! We did however manage a trip to IKEA to get a few bits for the house and were able to go when Alfie was at nursery so it was (slightly) quicker and easier! My body was in bits from all the walking by the evening though!

The weekend was then spent decorating. It really hasn’t been fun for Alfie for the past few weekends as we’ve been in full baby prep mode, so just haven’t had time to go out and do stuff with him which has made me sad. We should be spending our last few weeks before the baby arrives exploring and having fun. His most exciting event this weekend was a trip to B&Q to get some wallpaper paste!

Thankfully, I know he’s young enough to not care and unfortunately these things need doing so we just have to get on with it. Hopefully when the baby arrives and we’re settled I can really make the most of my maternity leave with both Alfie and the baby.

Alfie did enjoy helping Daddy put the cot together – he was very concerned though that Daddy was stuck in a cage!!

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  1. Baba has the same bed! How fun to see Papa in a cage lol. I remember building it with my partner before the baby arrived. We waited for the sales and I was due like one week after so I was not much of a helper. A bad decision to do so lol… #LivingArrows

  2. I find it so hard to keep track of which bloggers writes which blog, which socials match which person and which FB profiles are which people. But, thanks to that wall, I know exactly who you are forever more! 🙂 8 months pregnant is hard. Being productive is great but don’t break yourself – and make sure you get a chance to rest too! x

  3. I am loving the wallpaper! A trip to Ikea is never easy you are much braver than me, to go when you are 8 months pregnant. I hope your weeks been more productive. Take it easy on yourself. Xx #LivingArrows

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