Living Arrows 11/53 – 2018

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

The Living Arrows linky is run by Donna of What The Redhead Said. It’s a weekly linky where you share a photo of your child/children from the week before. I’m aiming to join in every week so I can have a full 53 posts (hopefully) by the end of the year.

Something exciting happened this week – I have finally been able to get back behind the wheel after my c-section!!!  It’s been 5 weeks since my operation, and whilst it is recommended you wait 6 weeks, as long as you feel safe and comfortable driving then you can drive when you want to (as long as you have informed your insurance company).  I could have driven last week, but because of the snow I decided not to as I’m not a confident driver in snow at the best of times, and I’d developed a serious driving anxiety whilst pregnant so we thought it was best to wait until the weather was better and driving conditions were easier.

Once I was out on the road though, it felt amazing to have a bit of freedom! My first job was to go and have my tyres replaced – oh the glamour of being a mum!  It can’t all be coffees and baby groups you know…

Alfie and I also had a baking day this week where we made some cakes.  It was the first time we’d baked in about a year because I just never found the time when I was working.  I am also a little bit of a perfectionist, so baking with a toddler gets me a little…stressed.  But it was so much fun.  I was amazed by Alfie’s skills, how well he listened and followed instructions and how engaged he was in the activity.  I’m sad I underestimated him but glad we did it as it’s made me excited for future baking experiences now.

We also had our first solo trip out – just me and the boys.  We took a trip to a local craft place for an activity I’ve reviewing for the blog (more details coming soon!) and then I had to pop into town to pick up some pillows (see, the glamour just keeps on coming in my life!)  Henry of course needed feeding so we had to stop at Costa so I could feed him and take Alfie to the toilet.  On our way home I decided to take an impromptu trip to a local farm.  We hadn’t been for a while and I thought it would be a nice trip for Alfie.  I hadn’t really fully thought through the logistics of having a 5 week old baby and no pram and a 2 year old running around soft play – and a 2 year old who’s potty training just added to the fun!!  It was hard, it was slightly stressful and I was exhausted by the time we got home, but Alfie had a brilliant time and that is all that matters.  I’m glad I did it and I’d do it again even though it was difficult.

Finally, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  I got a beautiful new charm for my bracelet, and then my parents and two sisters came round for Sunday lunch.  Whilst it wasn’t exactly a “day off” in that I was up most of the night feeding, and still had certain jobs that needed doing, my husband took on the majority of the cooking and tidying up and it was a lovely day with my family.  I was thoroughly spoilt by my boys!

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  1. Awww, you can’t beat a photo of a sleeping baby! I love doing bits of cooking with my daughter, she loves to stir, but gets quickly bored! I should keep trying though #LivingArrows

  2. Oh look at you with your two babies!! Happy belated Mothers Day lovely. It sounds like you have done so well! I remember those days where you do something nice and it’s SO hard! x

  3. Wow it sounds like you did tons! I remember those early days of juggling two.. I still struggle on days now and Kipper is 22 months. Well done for getting back behind the wheel again and fitting in some baking x #Livingarrows

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