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    I believe you can get a plugin to redirect traffic from your old site, but don’t ask me what it’s called!! What I don’t get is how does TSOhost know that you want to use as your CMS?? Am I being totally thick here? I’m so clueless and want to get the ball rolling next week, the thought of it all is making me feel sick ? xxx

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      Ooo good question! You download it from your cloud hosting platform. There is a bit that says “install applications” so you install WordPress and add your website. The customer service from Tsohost is excellent, and they really can answer every question you have. I will admit it did stress me out quite a bit, as I just wanted to get it right, but once you get the ball rolling it is fairly simple. Just very nerve wracking! You’ll be fine, and I’m here to help as much as I can xx

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    I wish I had read this before I did it! Still no idea really how I did it…I guess ‘muddled through’! I remember it being a pretty stressful week…loads of people are going to find this mega helpful – well done you!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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    I went from to .org just a couple of weeks ago. I also went with TSO and second their support team, they’re brilliant. I also transferred my domain and the wait for that to go through was agonising. Agree with your about finding out your email, it’s hard to find. I’ve booked marked mine and I *think* if you go to Order Valium Online India you’ll be able to access yours too.

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    I’ve also recently made the switch to self-hosted…but I already thought I was self-hosted – just not properly. You guessed it, newbie blogger! I read that self-hosted was the way to go so I registered with eHost. Turns out, I should have selected the cPanel version and not the simple Website Builder (like I did). It meant I wasn’t self hosted at all! Anyway, a bit of research later and I’ve also just built my new blog and I love it. I’ve still got a bit of work to do yet and I’m going to check out your article on plugins right now! I just wish I’d known more about this before I started. Thanks for such a helpful post – a must for anyone new to blogging! #marvmondays

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    Great post! I think it is so worth going self hosted. I followed pretty much the same process that you did and found it really straightforward and quick too. I think this is so helpful and will hopefully help lots of others contemplating it πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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    I almost signed up with TSO last week and chickened out! As I haven’t a clue!! Did you schedule posts for while the migration was taking place? I normally post daily so I’m guessing that won’t be possible? Does it look anything like the old WordPress sight? I really want to do it but I’m basically scared lol! I own my domain name too and did t think it would need to change? As thus would affect DA? Urgh mine field!! Xx stopping by from #MarvMondays

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      I decided to take a blogging break whilst the site migrated, as I didn’t want the stress of scheduling posts if something went wrong…but I believe you can still do this if you want to. The layout of WordPress is exactly the same which is great, so you don’t need to learn anything new (apart from plugins). You won’t need to change your domain name, just transfer it to TSO. I’ll confess I’m not a DA expert at all so I don’t know how it would be affect – my domain name changed but I never paid attention to DA before so I don’t know how it was affected. Although I’m glad I’ve gone self-hosted, I still don’t think it’s vital – you are clearly very successful without it!! But if you do want to do it, it’s not that difficult. Good luck with whatever you decide! xx

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    Hi, this is a great article. Im new to blogging and the self hosting thing is still new and confusing to me. is this something you should do? Im currently with wordpress and have my own domain name. What is the difference of being with word press and being self hosted? Sorry to bombard you, im just trying to understand, as i see alot of people say they are glad they went self hosted.

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      Hi, glad you found my post and I hope you found it useful! Personally for me, I went self hosted so I could have my own domain but obviously you already have that. There are lots more you can do once you’re self-hosted – for example you have a bigger choice of templates and can use plugins which mean you can do lots more. If you are new to blogging, I’d definitely recommend going self hosted sooner rather than later – I wish I had done it sooner! If you go with Tsohost then the platform you use is still wordpress, just a better version! If you any further questions, feel free to contact me directly (my email is on the work with me section or you can message me through Facebook or twitter) Good luck! Xx

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    My blog is only three months old, and I really want to switch to self-hosted but I’m so scared for the same reasons you listed. I’ll bookmark this site and use it for reference when the time comes to make the switch. Thanks for putting this together

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      Hi Jennifer, I’m glad you came across this post and have found it useful! Going self hosted was relatively simple in the end, and I honestly think that if blogging is a serious thing for you, it’s better to go self hosted sooner rather than later. The smaller your blog is, the less time and effort it will take to go self hosted, honestly. It’s fairly cheap too, so I don’t think you lose anything once you’ve switched – but you gain so much! Good luck for when you do make the switch xx

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    Hi, thanks for this post!! I paid for a personal word press package. Now looking to go self hosted. When I search for domain, it says mine is already registered? Is that the same as what you mention, it’s already registered to word press for me?
    Arghhhh mind blown on self hosted stuff lol

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      I’m not sure how it works with a word press package actually and if they register your domain name for you. When I click on your website link, it looks like you have your own domain (ie it doesn’t have wordpress in it) but when you signed up to the package, it would have said if you registered your domain. I had to do mine separately from my self hosted site, but I didn’t realise that you can use your own domain name when using word press for free. Sorry I can’t be of much help!

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