1. I’m usually irritated by people who have finished their Christmas shopping by November but this year I’m one of those irritating people lol. I’m super organised this year. I’ve even bought the chocolates, alcohol and the wrapping paper. I started saving in January so I’m really excited this year. So much am I in the Christmas spirit that I’m even thinking about buying pantomime tickets and I don’t even really like pantomime. Maybe it’s because the kids are slightly older this year and have a little more awareness about Christmas. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying being in the Christmas spirit.

  2. Awww reading this post has made me feel all smiley and festive 🙂 I was feeling festive already as you know, but I think reading this has just notched it up a gear – you’ve given me all sorts of crafty ideas that we could do this year now that im on mat leave! It looks like you had a lovely christmas last year. This year will be even more magical im sure as it gets more and more magical each year they grow (probably until they hit their teens 😉 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays lovely. Emily

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