1. These are totally achievable hun…go for it! I set some blog goals last year and achieved them all by Christmas. I think this year my approach to blogging has been a little more relaxed, so mine would look something like this..
    1. Don’t blog every night.
    2. Stop looking at your phone all the time
    3. etc etc!
    Needless to say I doubt world domination will be coming my way anytime soon!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub xxx

  2. This is such a nice, motivating little post. I really do need to just learn more about what things mean, how things can help, and the lingo a little bit more. I don’t want to set myself any goals again just yet (just had a blogging break) so I’m playing it all by ear. Number 5/6/7/8 are ones I’m going to take on board though, so thanks for some tips and good luck! #coolmumclub

    • Thank you! Sometimes it’s helpful to just write down a few things you want to achieve to give you a bit more of a focus. I’m looking forward to taking my blog a bit more seriously! Thanks for reading x

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