Real Nappy Week: Why I use cloth

This week is Real Nappy Week, run by the lovely people at Go Real, so I am doing a series of posts about my experience of using cloth nappies.

Yesterday, I wrote about the pros and cons of using cloth nappies.  Today I am going to tell you how I got started, and why I personally use them.

I first got into using cloth nappies (or reusable nappies or real nappies as they are sometimes known) when some friends on my lovely facebook baby group were talking about them.  It started off as a discussion about resuable wipes – specifically Cheeky Wipes.  A lot of the mums on there loved them, and it was around the time of the Baby Show where there were some great offers to be had.  The conversation soon led on to cloth nappies, and the pros and cons about using them.

Nappies that are practical AND cute!

Nappies that are practical AND cute!

I did my research and at the time Aldi were having a baby event in which they had some Bambino Mio prefolds at a cheap price, so I got 2 packs to get me started.  I was also recommended some Tots Bots, so I purchased their newborn starter kit.  I also decided to get some reuseable wipes from Cheeky Wipes.  This was all before the baby had even arrived!

The reason for going cloth?  For me, it was mostly to do with cost.  Although the initial outlay can be expensive, I knew that eventually we would save money.  I spent about £60 on my few starter nappies, and then about £45 on the Cheeky Wipes.  This was just a small outlay at first, to see how we would get on.  Once Alfie arrived, I slowly added nappies here and there when we could afford it.  For us, this was the best way to start, as we built our stash up slowly, it gave us a chance to have a practice with the nappies and see what worked for us, but without wasting a huge amount of money.  Our local council also run a “try cloth” scheme, where you can claim £30 cash back on any cloth nappy purchase, including second hand nappies.  I also recently round out they offer a free sample scheme as well, which I have just applied for.  It’s definitely worth looking to see if your local council runs a similar scheme, as they tend to vary from county to county.

I also liked the fact that cloth nappies can be better on the bums. I suffer from sensitive skin and eczema, and I was worried that the baby might suffer the same fate! So I wanted to do everything I could to protect his skin.

Lastly – cloth nappies are so god damn pretty!  I honestly have so much trouble buying new prints because I just want them ALL!!! It’s so hard not to get addicted, but once you find nappies that work for you, it’s so much easier to buy knowing that you are going to be getting cute nappies that work.



    • I have a big wet bag that I take out and all the dirty nappies go in there – it’s zip up and doesn’t smell at all, even if we’re out all day! But more often than not we use disposables when out, especially if I’m with my husband and he won’t change a cloth nappy!

  1. Petite Library

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve often thought about cloth nappies, they just make much more sense and are not polluting the environment like regular nappies. #TwinklyTuesday

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