Real Nappy Week: My favourite brands

We’re heading towards the end of Real Nappy Week, and I’ve had a fab time hunting down lots of bargains and entering lots of giveaways.  So far I’ve discussed the pros and cons of real nappies, the reason I use cloth and the basics you need to get started.

Today I wanted to post about my favourite reusable nappy brands. As I said in my previous post, I bought a few nappies before baby had arrived, as they were fairly cheap. The first ones I bought were Bambino Mio prefolds with a wrap and the Tots Bots starter pack. Both packs were brilliant as a first try to see what we liked and what we didn’t like. I liked the idea of using prefolds as I could reuse the wrap, and then wash the prefolds all together.  What attracted me most was the foxy design of the wrap as baby’s nursery was woodland themed! I’d seen a lot of people rave about Tots Bots, and the starter pack contained one teenyfit nappy (for newborn), one Easyfit nappy (an all in one) and one Bamboozle Stretch (a fitted nappy) plus a wrap.

Our first day using cloth - a Bambino Mio wrap and prefold

Our first day using cloth – a Bambino Mio wrap and prefold

Unfortunately once the baby arrived, none of these worked for us. I didn’t like all in ones as I found we got lots of leaks, and I didn’t like the wraps and prefolds as I found they didn’t last very long and were a faff to change. I ended up using a new wrap every time which kind of defeated the object of using them. I got very frustrated!

One day I asked on a Facebook group for advice to stop the leaks and on different types of nappies, and a lady very kindly pm’d me and said she owned a nappy company and ran a chat group and that I was welcome to come over and ask my questions there as I hadn’t got any responses. So I asked my questions on there and every one was very helpful! I’m so glad I came across the group, as it meant I discovered this fantastic company called Natural Baby Accessories. I ordered a shed load of nappies, which were mostly pockets, to give them a go and see how I got on. They have been steadily expanding and now do lots of amazing products, not just nappies. Their new clothes are brilliant, Alfie has lots on his birthday wish list!

My first fluffy post from NBA

My first fluffy post from NBA

Honestly, the best thing I ever did! Turned out, I LOVED pockets. They were so easy to use, I could pre-stuff them so they were ready to go and all I had to do was put them on the baby. It took a little while for me to figure out which inserts to use, but I soon settled on one microfibre and one bamboo, with the microfibre folded in half as all the wee would be at the front (as I have a little boy). If I know I’m going to be out the house for a while, I’ll use hemp and microfibre as it lasts longer.

Since I discovered that pockets were the way forward, I decided to have a try of some Little Lamb nappies as I’d heard lots of good things about them. The downside to cloth nappies is they are expensive to buy outright, so I decided to buy a couple second hand to try out. This is a great way to test different nappies at cheap prices. They were brilliant, so I stocked up on some more in Little Lambs fabulous Boxing Day sale!

I had already tried the Little Lamb Bamboo fitted nappies for night time. These were fantastic, and would last Alfie the whole night. I used the Bambino Mio wraps over the top and they fitted really well. The took a little longer to dry, but I would put them in the airing cupboard which really helped speed things up. Unfortunately Alfie grew out of them very quickly, and his pockets don’t last the night, so at the moment we are back in disposables at night.

My little lamb collection

My little lamb collection

Another great company I have discovered is CC Nappies. I was on the hunt for some lovely Christmas prints and stumbled across this website- I’m not sure how! But I have ordered some fab products from there and have my eye on some new ones at the moment. I’ll be making the most of their RNW discounts for sure.

CC Nappies stash

CC Nappies stash

So, now I know what I like and what works for us, but there are a few nappy brands I would love to try. I’ve heard amazing things about gnappies (Charlene over at Note to Self:Employed Mum raves about them, check out her nappy post here). I’d also like to Bumgenius and Milova – mostly for the cutest prints they do (Chaplin and Bam Boom are on my wish list).

If you are going to use reusable nappies, it makes sense to try reusable wipes as well.  This is how we started – even my husband will use them and he’s not the biggest fan of cloth at the moment (but I am trying to convert him!)  I love Cheeky Wipes.  They were recommended by the girls on my baby facebook group, who all rave about them, and they were right to!  I ordered the All in One kit.  This includes 25 cotton terry wipes, a fresh wipes box, a mucky wipes box, a fresh and mucky essential oil, and a fresh and mucky wipes bag for when we were out and about.  I bought an extra 25 wipes and due to a special offer, got 25 rainbow bamboo wipes for weaning (which are also fab!)

Resuable wipes kit - fresh and mucky boxes, oils, wipes and out and about bags

Resuable wipes kit – fresh and mucky boxes, oils, wipes and out and about bags

Real nappies can be so much fun once you’ve got to grips with them. It can be hard to find what works for you without spending a fortune though. I can really recommend checking to see if there is a nappy library near you. You will be able to hire a kit which will likely have a few different types of nappies in as well as reusable wipes. This will really give you an idea as to what will work for you and what won’t. I wasn’t able to try out our local nappy library unfortunately as I struggled to get to the meets in the early days, and I think the range was quite small, but I’ve heard it’s got a lot better recently. Have a look here to find your nearest library.

Also check out if your local council runs a cashback scheme. I was able to claim back £30 towards to cost of my nappies. All I had to do was email the invoice to the council as proof of purchase, fill out a form with my details and they put the money straight in my bank. I have recently found out they also send a free sample to you as well, so I’ve applied for that and am just waiting for it to arrive!

There are so many nappy brands out there, it can be overwhelming, but it also means there is a lot of choice, and that I’m sure there is something out there to suit you.  If you are even a little bit curious to try out cloth nappies, this week is the best time to try as there is so much information out there, and discounts to be had.

What are you waiting for?

Come back tomorrow for a run down of how to use a cloth nappy, with pictures and everything 🙂



  1. I love my little lambs for night time. I’d tried them when I rented a newborn nappy lot but they seemed so bulky and although they still are she’s certainly grown in to them! Although their wraps are fine I borrowed a few from the library and that fox one was one! It looked great on but was a bit hit and miss with the fit so we got leaks. I fell for the blueberry wrap with poppers (something I used to hate early on) and it came with the added bonus that they did a Paisley print…

  2. I’ve always been a little intrigued by cloth nappies, but I think that ship has sailed for me. Look forward to hearing more about your story – and this is a great post for new mums thinking of giving it a go.
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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