1. Are you trying to turn me into a crying mess with your posts?! As it’s well on its way to working!! ? Lovely photos, the one of his graduation from Sing and Sign is adorable! Happy half birthday, Alfie! Xxx

    • Baby Lighty’s birthday one is already in draft form in my head, but I hadn’t considered the problem of photo overload…!! May need to start whittling them down now! I love your use of collages by the way, great way of including lots of pics xxx

  2. Hi! fellow breastfeeding, cloth bumming, babywearing blogging mummy here too! If your anything like me, becoming a mummy has totally changed me as person, I never saw myself feeding past a year or washing poo-ey nappies! But its great right? Loved this post, I now how quickly those six months go. My girl is ten months so this is all too familiar. The graduation from sing sign is the cutest thing ever, I need to go to a class that has baby graduation robes!

    Thank you so much for sharing, I can’t wait to read more all about your adventures

    Tess X

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