30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 7

Plans/dreams/goals you have

This is a difficult one for me.  I always seem to have plans, I have lots of dreams, but never really set myself goals!  I am a bit of a dreamer, but unfortunately they always seem to be unachievable.  I know that sounds a bit negative, but my dream of winning the lottery is probably a bit unachievable!  But this a good reason to set myself some achievable goals to work towards.


At the moment, I am planning Alfie’s first birthday party!  I love planning a party (see Day 1 post!) and have been planning his party basically since he was born!  I won’t reveal too many details as I will eventually do a post on it, but it involves lots of garden fun! I’ve not gone too overboard (for me, anyway) but hopefully everyone will still enjoy themselves!

Preparing for Alfie's first birthday already

Preparing for Alfie’s first birthday already


Right now, I am dreaming of a holiday, somewhere far away on a lovely beach, with hot weather, a nice pool and endless amounts of food and drink!  This definitely is a dream for me right now, rather than a goal, due to said goal of buying a house!  Once we have that house, I’m booking a holiday!!!

Take me back to Mexico - or any beach, anywhere!!

Take me back to Mexico – or any beach, anywhere!!

I also dream of having my book published.  As I said before, it does need a lot of work, so not an achievable dream right now, but a goal for the future 🙂


At the moment, we are dreaming about buying our first house.  We are currently renting, but have been saving hard to get a deposit together to buy a house.  It’s tough, as we don’t have a huge amount of money left at the end of the month now we have a baby, and I’m on maternity leave.  House prices are also going through the roof!  But, we’re trying hard, and hopefully this will be one goal we can achieve!  We have set the target of buying our house at the beginning of next year.

Could my expectations for a first house be too high??

Could my expectations for a first house be too high??

I also have a personal goal to lose some weight.  I have been doing really well since I’ve had Alfie, and have lost 4 and a half stone from what I weighed whilst pregnant.  I know though that this is hugely down to breastfeeding!  So, I need to stay motivated once I stop breastfeeding (whenever that may be, but likely by the end of this year) so I continue to lose or maintain my weight.  I have a gorgeous dress that I wore for my Christmas party just after I got married, which hasn’t fit me for 3 years!  So my goal would be to fit back into that, then Craig can take me out somewhere special for me to wear it!

So those are my plans, dreams and goals for this year!  What are yours?

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