30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6

Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Some of these questions are really hard! Something I’m proud of in the past few days? I’m proud that I managed to shower every day last week (all mums know what an achievement this is!). I’m proud that I managed to eat a 6 pack of creme eggs in one sitting (I was trying to get rid of all the “bad” food before starting to eat “good” again!).

I’m proud of my son all the time (as every parent is!).  Everything he does makes me glow with pride, every time someone comments of what a happy baby he is, and how sociable he is, and just generally how great he is, it makes me so very proud.

To be honest, I was hoping Alfie would be crawling by now, so I would have something substantial to write about!

So, instead I’m going to talk about something not Alfie related.  I’m going to talk about me.

I am really proud of me the past few days.  I have really put myself out these in terms of blogging and writing in general.  I have been proactive and approached a fellow blogger about featuring on their blog as part of a regular series they run.  I have also approached a big brand name about featuring on their blog after a request on facebook.  Now for me, this is a massive step, as I see this as showing the world that I think my writing and what I have to say matters – that it is interesting and worth sharing.  I am a different person to who I was a few years ago, I would never have dreamed of putting myself out there like that.

I have also started looking at my novel again, and am currently formulating a plan of how to get it out there and noticed, and hopefully sometime in the future, eventually make a plan to have it published.  Every time I read through my novel, it makes me very proud, purely for the fact I have written one!  I can’t begin to imagine the feeling if it ever did get published.

So, there you are – today I am proud of ME 🙂



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