30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 29

Eek, my penultimate post!! Kind of an embarrassing one…

Who were your three celebrity crushes when you were a teenager?

John Travolta – or more precisely – Danny Zuko

I was so in love with Danny Zuko – his leather jacket, his hair, his little smirky smile.  Even though he was technically a bad boy, you could tell he was a little softie underneath.  I wasn’t the type of girl to put posters on my wall, but if I was, he would have been above my bed and kissed goodnight every night!


Chad Michael Murray – AKA Lucas Scott

I first fell in love with Mr Murray when I watched One Tree Hill.  It was and still is my favourite box set ever!  I have every series on dvd and still watch them regularly, about once a year.  I think I need to get a viewing in before my maternity leave finishes actually! Lucas was my favourite from the beginning – he was hot, a good guy and had lots of respect for his mum!  Although he was actually a bit of a dick at times (the whole Brooke/Peyton love triangle was not cool Lucas, not cool at all) but I still loved him.  I also enjoyed watching him in A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff.  Now, I get my fix in Agent Carter.  He hasn’t changed a bit – if he was ever in the area, I’d totally leave my husband for him 😉

148409_1325520356145_full normal_acinderellastorypubw Chad-Michael-Murray-Banner-1

Lee Ryan (from Blue)

Now when I was 14, Blue were at the top of the charts.  I knew all the words, had all the albums and would listen to them on my Sony Walkman on the bus to school.  My favourite was definitely Lee.  I may have also had a little crush on Duncan, but always went back to Lee.  Most of my friends also liked him, so there would have been arguments had he ever turned up at our school! I went off him when he was in Big Brother though, he was a bit of a dick to poor Casey!



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