30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 22

What’s your favourite drink and why?  Share the recipe.

Tea.  I’m such an old lady, but my favourite drink, hands down is tea.  Milk, two sugars please!  I’m not really fussy about what brand of tea bag you use – mum always had PG Tips, so I continued the trend when I moved out (I briefly switched to Twinnings, which I really do love, but budget cuts meant I had to switch back).  I get my love of tea from my mum – she drinks it all day long, and so I’ve had it from a young age.  I don’t know why I love it, it just has always been my go to drink!  Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve really noticed how much I’ve been drinking by the amount of sugar we are buying and the amount of cups I have to wash up!

I am a bit fussy about how you make my tea.  Here is my recipe:

Put tea bag in mug (MUG, not a cup).

Put sugar in mug.

Pour hot water in and let tea brew (you don’t have to time it, but around 2 minutes is perfect!)

Take tea bag out.

Pour milk in (just a dash, we don’t need a whole cow in there, thank you).

Enjoy whilst piping hot!

There we have it, my perfect recipe for tea.  You absolutely do NOT put the milk in first – nope, that’s just wrong.  You also do not put the sugar in after the hot water – sugar always goes in first.  Another no-no – do not put the milk in whilst the teabag is still in the cup.  Please, just no.

So you thought making tea was easy, well it is – as long as you follow my recipe!


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