30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20

My second post of the day, as I didn’t blog yesterday!  I’m two-thirds of the way through the challenge now, not long to go!!

If you had a million pounds to spend, how would you spend it?

If I had a million pounds, what would I spend it on?  It’s a tricky one this – if you’d asked me 10 years ago, I would have got a hell of a lot more for my money!!

The first thing would obviously be a house.  Not a massive house that I don’t really need, just a nice house, probably 4 bedrooms, with a box room (it’s my dream to have a sewing room), a kitchen/diner plus separate dining room, a big lounge and a play room for the kids.  I’d also LOVE a utility room – somewhere to hang my washing and keep all the laundry away from the kitchen.  I’d quite like a little balcony or something in the master bedroom too – somewhere to sit in the morning with a cup of tea when it’s warm.  Oh, and of course an en-suite and a walk in wardrobe/dressing room.  I’d want a lovely big garden, with a swimming pool at the bottom, a beautiful decked area with seating and a bbq at the top and a big green space for the children to play.

So not asking for much I don’t think!


Dream house?

Dream house?

Then I’d go on a lovely holiday – firstly, I’d take all the family to Disney World Florida, all my siblings and their children and my parents.  I’d hire a big villa for us all to stay in and passes to Disney World.  Then I’d send my children home with my parents, and the hubby and I would go on to New York for a big shopping trip/romantic break just the two of us.



I’d also want a lovely new car – I’ve been lusting after an Audi Q5 at the moment.  Plus another little sporty number, or maybe a Mini Cooper (I learnt to drive in one and loved it!).



Then I’d spend the rest of the money on treating friends and family, and also my husband and the kids – nice clothes, lovely days out, date nights, lunches out, just generally enjoying life.

I know you don’t need money to be happy – and I agree with that, we don’t have loads of money and we’re happy – but having a bit of money does make those life experiences that little bit better 🙂

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