30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 19

Oh no! I missed a day of blogging yesterday 🙁 but it was a bank holiday, so I think you should let me off 😉 so today I’m going to do two blog posts for the challenge, so I don’t get behind.  Enjoy!

Discuss your views on religion

I am a Christian.  I was brought up as a Christian, I went to church every Sunday from when I was born until I was about 11 with my mum and my nan.  It was a Sunday tradition, we’d go to church then go to my nan’s for Sunday lunch.  I loved Sunday school and remembering feeling so grown up when I was allowed to stay for the service rather than going to Sunday school.

It was a big part of my life, so it was important to me to get married in a church.  I chose to marry in the church I had attended as a child – my grandparents got married there, my parents married there, and myself and all my siblings (and cousins) were christened there.  So it was a very special place, and wouldn’t have felt right getting married anywhere else.

Our first kiss as husband and wife

Our first kiss as husband and wife

When Alfie was born, I knew I wanted to get him christened, and again, there was only one place that I wanted to do that.  It was very important to me – I can’t really explain why, just that it meant a lot to me.


I don’t go to church much now – not that it’s really an excuse, but we have very busy lives, and as we don’t have a church that we are connected to where we live, and our “family” church is 30 minutes away, it can be a challenge to get out of the house with the baby in time for a service.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m not religious.  I can still have my belief but not go to church every week.

It’s not something I talk about a lot – but then religion can be a touchy subject, and I don’t feel the need to explain myself.  I believe what I believe, and that’s my choice.  It doesn’t affect anyone else, Alfie can choose to believe the same when he’s older, or he can choose to not believe in anything – it’s his choice.


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