30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 18

Bullet your whole day

So I have done this one a day in advance – by that I mean it’s Sunday today but I have done a list of my day on Saturday, so I can post this early on Sunday!

It was an early start for me…

6am: Get woken up by Alfie.  Bit of an earlier start that usual, especially when he was up 3 times in the night for a feed! But I have to be out early anyway, so I was quite glad he woke me up!  I feed him and then put him in bed with Daddy so I could have a shower.  I shower, wash, dry and straighten my hair, put my make up on and get dressed.  Alfie is still in bed with Daddy, but they get up when I’m ready so we can have breakfast.

7am: Have breakfast together.  Alfie has toast and jam, which is his current favourite, he eats every last bit!  I enjoy crumpets and a cup a tea – my day doesn’t start until I’ve had a huge cup of tea! I then wrote my daily blog challenge (read here if you haven’t already!) I quite enjoyed this one as it was about my two favourite holidays, so I spent ages flicking through our online photo albums (you may have noticed I love a photo or twenty!!).  Daddy took Alfie for a bath so I could finish my blogging.

8am: I had to leave at 8.30, so I quickly tidied away the breakfast stuff, sorted out the washing and put that away, ironed my shirt and finished getting dressed.  I then fed Alfie again as I was leaving him at home and it was going to be a few hours until I saw him, so wanted to empty my breasts!!  I was meeting my friends for a coffee so I left a bit early to do a spot of shopping first!

9am: I arrived at Lakeside and headed straight to Primark.  I was on the hunt for a pair of dungarees!  Not normally the type of thing I’d have in my wardrobe, but we have a birthday party to attend and the theme is “On the Farm” so Craig and I are going as farmers and Alfie is going to be a cow (poor child!)  I also bought a floaty skirt and top combo for a christening.  Totally not what I normally wear, but I find I’m trying a lot more new styles since being a mum – I think I’m rebelling about being seen as a frumpy mum who can only wear nursing clothes!

10am: I met my two friends in Costa for a coffee and a catch up.  Well, not coffee as I hate the stuff, but a strawberries and cream drink and a slice of carrot cake – lovely!!  One of my friends had recently got engaged so we chatted about her wedding plans and then spoke a bit about my return to work, and just general chit chat!  We sat for an hour and a half having a catch up and then I did a quick sprint round the shops picking up a few things I needed – the one thing I had to get was some more mess mats for under Alfie’s highchair as he makes so much mess when he eats!!

12pm: I drove home from Lakeside to pick up Craig and Alfie as we were going straight out.  I got caught up in some traffic as there had been an accident, but luckily it was only a small bit so I wasn’t too delayed.  I got home, cleaned up Alfie who had just finished his lunch and then we all jumped in the car as we were going to watch our friend play a rugby game.

1pm:  Arrived at the rugby game and met up with our group of friends.  We watched the game, got some food and Alfie had a lovely time playing with a couple of his baby friends!  One of our friends even tried out carrying Alfie in his Connecta sling!  He said he loved it until Alfie started getting a bit whingy.  Unfortunately our friend’s team didn’t win the game, but it was fun to watch anyway.

3pm:  We drove to my mum and dad’s who had been away on holiday to have a cup of tea and catch up.  After standing outside the house for 10 minutes because they were in the garden and couldn’t hear us calling, they eventually let us in!!  We had a cup of tea in my parent’s new outdoor seating area as the sun was shining and it was quite warm.  My brother in law turned up with my two nephews as well and all the kids had fun playing with the garden toys and the dogs.  Alfie had another feed, then cheekily stole a biscuit from the biscuit tin!

5pm:  We left my mums and were talking about what to have for dinner.  I had the ingredients for chicken pie, but after being out all day I couldn’t be bothered to cook, and my parents had been talking about getting a chinese takeaway so we decided to be cheeky and order one as well!  We got home, gave Alfie his dinner and ordered our chinese.

6pm: Our food arrived but unfortunately a few bits were wrong/missing so we were a bit disappointed!  The restaurant were great and sent out new stuff, but it took ages to arrive and we both lost our enthusiasm a bit!  But it eventually arrived and we ate our greasy chinese on our laps in front of the tv!

7pm: Craig gave Alfie a bath and got him ready for bed, then I fed him and put him down for bed.  He dropped off pretty quickly – he’d missed his afternoon sleep so I think he was pretty tired!  I then settled down to watch some crappy Saturday night tv.

8pm: Alfie woke and wouldn’t be settled until I fed him – he must have been hungry today for some reason!!  But he went straight off to sleep again and I could go back to the tv.  We cleaned up after our takeaway, and I went on the laptop to do some blogging/social media/online shopping!

9pm: A pretty boring and uneventful Saturday evening – we watched a bit of tv, I did a bit of blogging and stuffed all of Alfie’s cloth nappies!

10pm: Fed Alfie AGAIN! and then went to bed as it had been a long day, and I’d probably be up a few times in the night to feed Alfie 🙂

All in all, a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

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