30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 17

What has been your best holiday memory?

This is really hard so I’m going to cheat and pick two 🙂

My first best holiday was our honeymoon.


We didn’t have much money after the wedding, but decided to splurge anyway on a trip to Mexico.  For us, this was a trip of a lifetime.  We stayed in an amazing adults only hotel, and spent most of our time chilling on the beach.  It was a beautiful way to spend our first few weeks as husband and wife.

The best part – swimming with dolphins.  It has been a lifelong dream to do this, and I was so pleased we were able to.  I think it was probably the main reason we chose to go to Mexico, as I knew we would be able to do this.  It was an unforgettable experience, but one I’d love to do again with Alfie (and any other children we have).


I don’t think I’d want to go back to Mexico though – I kind of want to keep it as our special honeymoon place.


My second best holiday was our first anniversary trip to New York.  This was a bucket list holiday for me, and again, we went all out!  We stayed in a the wonderful Andaz hotel on 5th Avenue (I’d highly recommend) and did all the tourist things – Empire State Building, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, Thanksgiving parade, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Brooklyn Bridge, 9/11 Memorial, Top of the Rock, shopping, shopping and more shopping!


I’d say the only thing we didn’t do that I regret was the Statue of Liberty.  It was honestly my best holiday ever, and there isn’t one moment that sticks out – the whole trip was fabulous.  We went over Thanksgiving because I wanted to see the parade (Miracle of 34th Street is my favourite Christmas film and I’ve always wanted to see the parade ever since).


I really want to go back – I want to experience it in spring, summer, fall, Christmas and New Year.  I want to do more shopping, I want to experience all the unknown places.  I want to stay in another amazing hotel.  I’d go with girlfriends, with my husband, with my kids, even on my own!!  I’ve not travelled a lot, and there are lots of places I want to go, but New York will forever be special to me.

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