30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 16

An interesting question today:

Do you own a smart phone?  Tell why you love it.

Yes I do own a smart phone.  A Samsung S6 to be precise (never owned, and never will own an iphone – I just don’t get the hype!)  And I do love it.

I love it because it keeps me connected to people – people I know and people I don’t know.  I use my phone for pretty much all my internet needs.  I do online shopping on my phone. I check all my social media outlets – facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. I blog on my phone!  I write lists, I set reminders, I keep a diary, I check the weather, I send and receive emails, I house hunt, I even record programmes on my Sky box from my phone!  I literally do everything on my phone, it barely leaves my hand all day.  I think it’s fantastic and well worth the money I pay for it.

Just some of the apps I use!

Just some of the apps I use!

The other thing I LOVE about my phone is the camera.  I love that I can take a picture or video of anything at any time because I always have my phone with me.  I’ve captured some really precious moments with Alfie because of my phone – my growing baby bump, the moment he was born (technically captured by my husband!), his first bath, the first time he sat up and the first time he rolled over.  I’ve also captured many funny faces, silly moments, loving moments and unforgettable moments.

I love that I can send my husband photos via whatsapp when he’s at work, to show him we’re thinking of him.  And that I can share pictures with my friends and family whenever I want to.

Just a snapshot of the amazing moments I've captured with my phone

Just a snapshot of the amazing moments I’ve captured with my phone

So for that reason, I love my smart phone.

I also slightly dislike it.  I’m sure there are many funny faces, silly moments, loving moments and unforgettable moments I have missed because I’ve been on my phone. I definitely use it too much.  I’m always checking it as if something life changing will have happened in the past 3o seconds.

So as much as I love it, I really need to learn to put it down more often, and enjoy my son’s smiling face more…I’m sure something we all could do.



  1. This is interesting as I’m trying to decide whether to go iPhone or Android now my upgrade is due. Just can’t decide!! Also, where did you get Alfie’s bow tie outfit from?! I want something similar for Baby Lighty’s birthday!! Xxx

    • I’ve never owned an iphone but can’t use Craig’s at all! But then he can’t use my android so it really is personal preference (which probably doesn’t help!) He does agree my camera is much better though! The outfit is a hand me down, so a few years old, but it’s from H&M and I know they still do similar things, so worth having a look. It’s actually a vest, which I much prefer 🙂 xx

      • I love my iPhone but I’m currently using it as a tablet without a SIM card because it’s run out of memory, and that’s what drives me insane. I’ve had a crappy phone since October to tide me over!! Will check out H&M, thanks for the tip! Xxx

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