30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 14

What are you favourite movies?

This is an easy one:


Dirty Dancing – standard favourite movie of girls everywhere!  There are not many girls out there that don’t love this movie.  How many of you have practised the dance that Baby and Jonny do at the end of the film? No-one? Just me then? Ok, so who knows all the words to every song?  Come on, some of you must have the soundtrack on your ipod?

I first watched this movie when I was probably about 12 or 13 – looking back now, I just loved it for the songs and the dancing, rather than the actual storyline as now I understand it, I can see it’s quite inappropriate!  It only clicked recently that Penny had an abortion, and Baby was only 17 at the time!! So was basically taken advantage of by a good looking older man….but forgetting this, I love it because it’s a feel good film that gets you singing, and routing for Jonny to come back and put a smile on Baby’s face!  And of course, Patrick Swayze was my first ever celebrity crush…those eyes, those muscles, that hair, dressed in his black shirt and trousers…mmmm….

That last scene with the epic dance actually makes my heart flutter!  I always wanted a party dress that fanned out like that when I danced 🙂 One day….

I always wanted a dress like that!

I always wanted a dress like that!

A more recent favourite film of mine is One Day.  It’s an adaptation of the book by David Nicholls.  I don’t usually like film adaptations – I was very disappointed when my favourite book, PS I Love You was made into a film because it just wasn’t anything like the book (but it does have Gerard Butler in it, so that makes it watchable 😉 ).  But this film is brilliant – it follows the book very closely and you feel the same emotions watching the film as you do the book.  It’s a sad one, and I cry every time, but if you haven’t watched it, please do, it’s fab!

Read the book before you watch the film!

Read the book before you watch the film!

Come back tomorrow for question 15, when I’ll be halfway through my challenge!!


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